75 percent of government emails were not logged in, costing Rs 10,000 per email

75 percent of government emails were not logged in, costing Rs 10,000 per email

Thousands of emails have been spent on licensing and security for government employees, and tens of millions of emails have been spent every year.

The government for its employees [email protected] And [email protected] 20,000 licenses have been taken to use. The fee for the license, support and security of the email is around Rs 10,000 per email.

The government has created only 12,178 email accounts out of 20,000 licenses. According to the 58th Annual Report of the Accountant General, 75 percent of these users have not been used for a long time.

Of the 12,178 email accounts created, only 25 percent are active and the remaining 75 percent have not been used for a long time.

1,088 users have not logged in for the last one year, 1,960 for three months and 3,793 for 30 days.

The government has to pay a fee of Rs 9,887 per email account. The annual report of the Accountant General has mentioned that Rs. 773.39 million is being spent annually for 7,822 unused users.

Since the official government email ID has been made available free of cost for the employees working in the government bodies, the enterprise email system of Zimbra was started to be used from 2076 BS.

In 2075/76, Rs. 99.04 million was spent for the license, support and security of 10,000 emails. Then in 2076/77, 9 thousand 87 million 5 thousand was spent for the purchase of email and security and support services of the system for additional 10 thousand licenses.

So far, 197.747 million has been spent for 20,000 emails in two fiscal years. It costs 9 thousand 887 per email.

The use of government domains in the use of government emails is not included and the accountant general has mentioned that it is not economical. For the same employee [email protected] In and the domain of the respective office [email protected] Since you can create 2 accounts in and transfer, you can also create additional accounts in the domain of the previous office, so each time you start, the account is added.

The accountant general is of the view that such an arrangement would require a large number of email IDs and a large amount of money would be wasted.

The National Information Technology Center has renewed the support and subscription of 15,000 emails out of 377.99 million in 2077/78, while 5,000 emails have not been purchased for those emails stating that they are not required at present.

The Accountant General has stated that the use of public resources has not been seen in an economical manner and unnecessary expenditure of public resources has been incurred due to lack of coordination among the concerned agencies.
It has been suggested that the emails of the employees who are not in the service should be deleted by establishing affiliation with the information system of the public library.

Also, after creating an email account, it is instructed to deactivate itself if it is not used for a certain period of time, delete erroneous emails or correct errors, update the email server regularly and make additional purchases only after the purchased email license has been used.


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