Be careful, property will be lost along with the character!

Be careful, property will be lost along with the character!

If you are easily accepting the love proposal of a stranger coming from social media, be careful! Such a proposal would not only kill your character but also your wealth.

The problem of character assassination and money ‘bargaining’ has increased through intimate and obscene dialogues, photos and videos mutilated and photoshopped with people who have come in contact with social media.

According to the Central Cyber ​​Bureau of the Nepal Police, for some time now, strangers have been sending ‘friend requests’ to provoke the man or woman concerned by repeatedly engaging in video conversations and making love proposals.

After recording obscene pictures and conversations with each other, I have been found to be involved in cyber crime, posting on social media and threatening to break up family ties.

Cyber ​​expert Senior Superintendent of Police Navind Aryal Corona says that the problem of money bargaining has increased with the character assassination by making videos, exchanging photos, posting photos and mutilated videos on social media.

“Public awareness has been raised time and time again to prevent the victims of cyber crime,” he said. However, some people have full faith in the information content and proposals received from social media, so the crime of character assassination and fraud has flourished, ‘he said.

There are 18 to 27 complaints related to cyber crime daily. According to the Bureau of Police, a dozen of them are character murderers and fraudsters.

Cash bargaining by showing pornographic videos and pictures is a new kind of crime that has emerged after Corona. GorkhapatraFrom


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