Five key preparations to make a video conference call successful

Nowadays, video conferencing has become a means of connecting with everyone worldwide. Video conferencing has proven to be a very convenient way to connect and interact with each other. Therefore, if you make these five preparations before sitting on the call, it will be easier to call.


1. Pay attention to what’s around you

If you have to turn on the camera while making a call, you should pay attention to what is around you. For this, good lighting should be arranged. It is also better to use a desk lamp for this. Similarly, if there is a big window in your room, you should sit facing it.

2. How to connect

Many companies have certain apps for video conferencing such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, but if someone is in a hurry to think of a video conference, it should be remembered that messaging apps also have a video call feature, such as Facebook Messenger, Signal, Android Messages, Google Hangout.

3. Log in to the meeting soon

You need to know in advance about your connection status or whether the software is running or not. For this, it is necessary to check beforehand. After the meeting starts, there is no time to check such things. Many apps also have a video preview feature, which can be used to get an idea of ​​how the video will look like.

4. Using a wired connection

If there is a problem with WiFi, remove the Ethernet cable and connect it directly so that it can work a little better. Taking the Ethernet cable and connecting it to the Ethernet port of the laptop can be very convenient.

5. Don’t forget the charger

Some conference calls can be very long. So that it may have to be connected to the charger even in the middle of tomorrow. Conference calls can also drain the battery quite quickly. It will be better if you use a portable charger.

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