For the first time, a computer chip was placed in the mind of a person

Kathmandu. Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, has claimed to have implanted a chip in the human brain for the first time. In Social Network X a post On Sunday, Musk claimed for the first time that a chip has been placed in the human brain.

In the post, Musk mentioned that people who have been implanted with the chip are recovering. According to him, neural spikes (spike means the activity of neurons, where the cells use electrical and chemical signals to transmit information from the brain to the body) are being detected.

Musk launched Neuralink's first product telepathy Named. According to him, with its help, a person can control his phone, computer or any other device depending on what he thinks.

Initially, people who have lost their limbs will be able to get a chip implant. The company advanced the concept of implanting a chip in the brain with the aim of enabling people with severe paralysis to use different techniques with the help of neural signals.

Musk stated that this is his main goal, saying that what would happen if the scientist Stephen Hawking could communicate faster than the speed of a typist. That is, a person who is physically weak, but mentally fit. He expects this technology to be a boon for them.

Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed Neuralink to implant the chip in humans. Neuralink has not yet disclosed how many people have participated in this trial.

Not only Neuraling, but Paradromics, a company for brain computer interfaces, is also advancing in this race. According to CNBC, by the middle of this year, the company will implant the chip in a human for the first time.

Similarly, a company called Precision Neuroscience published a study report last year about the possibility of implanting a chip in the human brain.

It is not clear which company will bring this service forward in the market.

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