For the first time online radio in Nepal got legal recognition

For the first time in Nepal, online radio has received legal recognition. The 12th amendment of the National Broadcasting Regulations has given legal recognition to online radio for the first time.

With the amendment, it is now possible to operate the radio online using the tower and frequency. A license will be required for that.

In the regulation, online radio is defined as a radio organization that produces and broadcasts audio programs regularly through its own domain or its own OTT broadcast service through the Internet according to a fixed schedule.

The amended regulations have been published in the gazette and have come into effect. After a long hard work of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma, the National Broadcasting Regulations came into being. According to the National Broadcasting (12th Amendment) Regulations 2080, the Ministry must be given access to the subscriber management system (subscriber management system) including the billing system established by the licensed person or organization of OTT broadcasting service and the licensed person or It has been arranged that the organized organization should make the necessary arrangements.

The digital program distribution organization shall arrange the related infrastructure such as the server and storage of the digital program and provide the digital program to the licensee of any distribution system as per the demand without discrimination in an equal manner.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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