Pathao honors Riders, Captains and Pathao Heroes

On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, Nepal’s leading ride sharing company Pathao Nepal honored Pathao Rider, Captain, Pathao Hero (Food Delivery Person) and Tuktuk Drivers in various categories.


The company organized “Pathao annual honor program” in Kathmandu and Chitwan. No. Those who have provided excellent service throughout 2079 have been honored in 35 different categories. Similarly, restaurants affiliated to Pathao Food have also been awarded in 5 different categories.

In the program organized in Kathmandu, the youngest Arjun Kumar Thakur won The Rising Rider, Gyan Bahadur Chauhan won the Tireless Rider among the most riders, Manoj Karnjit won the User’s Favorite Rider for good rating, Sudarshan Mani Dangol won the Dedicated Rider, Ghanshyam Gharti Magar won the Veteran Rider for the longest lifetime achievement. , Hari Gopal Neupane has been awarded The Honorable Rider, Bir Bahadur Karki who has ridden the most days has been awarded The Energetic Rider and Devi Prasad Shrestha has received the award of The Senior Rider for taking the most rides and not being suspended.

Pathao has honored 8 people in various categories towards Captain (taxi driver). Ishaq Limbu the Rising Captain, Pasang Tamang the Tireless Captain, Raj Kumar Tamang the Users Favorite Captain, Khadak Bahadur Dhakal the Dedicated Captain, Ratna Bahadur Tamang the Veteran Captain, Buddhiraj Karki the Unrevealed Captain, Khem Bahadur Basnet the Energetic Captain and Prem Bahadur Baram the Senior Captain. The award has been given.

For Pathao Hero (Food Delivery), the company awarded Anand Kumar Mahato The Rising Pathao Hero, The Superstar Pathao Hero, Sanjay Bhujel who delivers the most food orders, The Tireless Pathao Hero, Dedicated Pathao Hero Sameer Lama, Lifetime Achievement to Anil Chaulagain The Classic Pathao Hero, Best On the communication side, Chet Bahadur Bohra has been awarded The Joy Giver Pathao Hero, Sudar Singh Rai has been awarded the Ever Fresh Hero and Gopal Raj BK has been awarded The Senior Pathao Hero.

The company has given the Most Empowered Rider Award to two people with disabilities. Among the recipients of the award are Raghunath Basnet and Somnath Rai.

Similarly, The Helping Hands Award has been given to two people for social causes. The recipients of the award are Rajkumar Tamang and Suresh Kumar Magar.

The company has awarded Vera Pizza with the Best Baker Award, Pizza Planet with the Appetizing Award, KKFC with the Best Chicken in Town Award, Mughal Empire with the Flavorsome Award and Dalle Restaurant with the Most Loved Award.

Sudan Adhikari and Kalpana Rai won the award for the best rider of Pathao. Pashchinarayan Tamang and Muna Tamang got the best captain.

Similarly, Pathao Hero Best Performing Pathao Hero has been given to two people. Among them are Misul Alam on the men’s side and Karjana Nepali on the women’s side.

Similarly, Pathao also held a program in Chitwan and awarded the riders and tuktuk drivers involved in Chitwan. In Chitwan, Dipendra Karki got the tireless rider, Prakash Aryal the dedicated rider and Palsang Tamang got the user favorite award. Similarly, Ganesh Adhikari won The Tireless Tuktuk Driver, Veer Bahadur Moktan the Dedicated Tuktuk Driver and Bhuvan Bhandari received the User Favorite Tuktuk Driver award.

“We have organized the program with the hope that we can respect all work, look at it with the same eyes and bring about a positive change in thinking,” said Shashank Shamsher Thapa, spokesperson of Pathao Nepal.

In the program, Thapa said that Pathao Nepal has given self-employment to about one and a half lakh people. He mentioned that Pathao has applied a little ointment to the situation where more than 4 million Nepalis had to go abroad. He said that for a safe and secure ride, one should take online ride only.

Pathao has been organizing an annual honor program since last year. The company has said that in the coming years, it will honor its riders, captains and heroes in various categories and motivate them to work.

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