Here’s how to easily test your home WiFi speed

Here’s how to easily test your home WiFi speed

The internet we use is sometimes very slow and annoying. If the new internet is connected, it works well for the first few times and gradually it becomes ‘slow’.

When the internet is not working well, you may not be able to run at the speed you paid for. For that, you can test the speed of your WiFi at home.

There is an easy way to do that.

First open Google. Speed ​​test y okla in Google (speed test by ookla) To find Or, directly Can find Click on it.

The ‘Go’ option comes up. Click on ‘Go’. Doing so will test your internet speed and show download and upload speeds. Now take care of the download and upload speed.

Suppose you have 25 Mbps internet, upload should be 22 Mbps and download speed should be 23 Mbps. When it comes to WiFi is considered to work well. If the speed is less than this, you should understand that there is some problem in WiFi. For this, the internet service provider should be told.

Before testing the speed of your home WiFi, there are a few things to consider. Such as how many devices are connected to your WiFi.

Before you can test the speed of your WiFi, you should test it from one device only by turning off the WiFi of all the devices running on WiFi. Suppose you have five mobiles running on your WiFi, then you should turn off four and use only one.
Every mobile connected to WiFi is pulling a few MB.

Suppose you have an internet connection of 25 Mbps. One device will run at 25 Mbps. The same is true of other devices. According to the information provided by the internet service provider, only 25 mobiles are available on the internet, while 6 and laptops are also connected and only 5 devices work well. The Internet, which has more than that, is slowing down

Another thing is not to keep it close to the TV. Also, don’t throw it on the wall. Open space
Disconnect WiFi from all mobiles, connect only one mobile. Then you have to test the speed of WiFi. If there is a similar problem after the speed test, the company should be informed.

Your WiFi is affected by various factors. The location of your router, how to operate the WiFi speed may be low. So, before testing the WiFi speed, you should pay attention to the following.

1. Keep your router in the open

You need to keep your router in the open or on the main floor of the house to use WiFi according to the capacity you have added.

Wi-Fi is also slowed down by a lot of stuff and walls. It is better to place the router on a piece of furniture than to throw it on the floor or wall. Routers should be kept away from cordless phones, electronic devices such as microwaves. It is also best to keep the router’s antenna perpendicular (90 degrees), one third and the other vertical.

You can test using a mobile app like CloudCheck to find wireless deadspots in your home. It shows where the signal comes best in your home and you can keep the same router.

2. Use of new WiFi technology

Technologies change. The best way to increase WiFi speed is to use new hardware. Newer models run three times better than older wireless models.

You should definitely choose WiFi with WPA. Always password protect your WiFi.

3. Limit device and optimize settings

Most routers have a ‘quality of service’ setting. It can be used to decide which apps have access to Internet bandwidth.

Also pay attention to whether the firmware and driver of the wireless route has been last updated. To do this, go to the router settings and start manually updating.

Using WiFi Analyzer or WiFi Scanner to differentiate your WiFi channel from your neighbors will also speed up the internet.


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