Huawei unveils first smartphone without Android and Google

Huawei unveils first smartphone without Android and Google

The United States has banned Huawei for various security reasons. As a result, Google’s operating system AndroidOS will not run on Huawei’s mobiles.

Huawei also announced to make its own operating system after AndroidOS did not work on its mobiles. Huawei officially unveiled Harmony 2 on June 2.

With the release of HarmonyOS, its upgrade to Huawei’s mobile has accelerated. Now Huawei has not only upgraded its own operating system to the previous mobile but has also started its own mobile product with Harmony operating system. Which includes Android and Google services.

The smartphone is P50. Huawei unveiled the much-awaited P50 smartphone on July 29. Harmonios operating system was kept while making it. It is the first mobile in China to not have Android and Google services.

Huawei will now produce a mobile with its own Harmony operating system. In which Android and Google will not run.


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