Mobile storage is full? Follow these methods

Today, almost everyone can see a smartphone in their hands. Most of the day is spent using the smartphone.


Smartphones are used for every small-big job. All our documents from audio/video are on mobile.

Due to this, the storage of the smartphone is also getting full. Sometimes storage is needed in an emergency. Therefore, today we are giving information on some ways to clear the storage of your smartphone.

Why delete cache data?

When a smartphone user opens a website or app for the first time, all data related to the website or app is stored in the device’s storage.

This data gradually increases so much that it occupies a large part of the smartphone. These files are cached data. You can free up space by clearing data in settings.

How to clear gallery photos?

Photos and videos in the gallery also use a lot of device storage. In such a situation, there are many such pictures and videos in the gallery, which are of no particular use. You can save storage by deleting these pictures and videos.

Why is it important to manage downloaded files?

Many times users download files from the internet at the time of need. But after using it once for many times, those files don’t have much importance. In this case, these files remain on the device even after the requirement is met.

We don’t notice but gradually these files start occupying a large part of the device’s storage. In this case, you can manage the storage if you delete such files from time to time.

Do this for movies and offline videos

Some smartphone users like to watch movies on their phone. In this case, files like movies also start working using the storage on the user’s device.

If you have downloaded videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTT apps on your device, you can also delete them to save storage.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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