Now a user who does not have a blue tick on Twitter can only see 1000 tweets in a day

Twitter was until now a completely open platform, that is, even people without a Twitter account could see shared tweets or important tweets. For this they did not need to login or create an account. But now Musk has changed it and set category limits for Twitter.


People who pay for blue tick can read maximum number of tweets in a day, free users can only see few tweets.

According to Musk’s tweet, paid i.e. Blue Tick users can view 6,000 posts a day. Similarly, an unverified account or an account without a blue tick will be able to view 600 posts and new unverified users with less than 30 days will be able to view only 300 posts. This limit is only for people who have an account on Twitter. People who do not have an account on Twitter will not be able to access anything related to the platform.

Shortly after this tweet, Musk said that the post read limit for Blue Tick users will soon be increased to 8,000, 800 for unverified or non-Blue Ticked accounts, and 400 for new unverified users.

Elon Musk, in another tweet a few hours later, said that now Blue Tick users can read 10,000 posts in a day, unverified accounts can read 1,000 posts and new unverified users can read 500 posts in a day. The company’s latest update is now in effect. If a user exceeds a certain limit, he will not be able to view any content related to Twitter.

Musk has taken this step to prevent data theft. Until now, anyone could access the platform, due to which Twitter’s data was spread across many places. After the advent of AI tools, data theft has increased rapidly, and Musk has taken this important decision.

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