OnePlus Monitor X 27, E 24 Specs, Price, Launch

OnePlus Monitor X 27 E 24 Rumors

OnePlus has just made one big announcement. It is now entering the PC monitor space, having successfully forayed into TV segment earlier. The company is making its debut with two new monitors. In this article, we will discuss everything we know so far about the upcoming OnePlus Monitor X 27 and E 24, along with the specs, features, and official launch date.

OnePlus Monitor X 27, E 24 Overview:

It is already official that there will be not one but two monitors at the OnePlus’s initial launch: OnePlus X 27 and E 24. The X 24 looks to be the more advanced and thus, more premium desktop monitor of the two. The company is catering it to gaming enthusiasts, so we expect it to have features like a high refresh rate, variable refresh rate, wide color coverage, good HDRand a responsive panel.

Moving on, E 24 will be a more modest option in the OnePlus monitor lineup. It will feature a 24” inch screen in contrast to the 27” display on the X 27. From what we know so far, it will serve a different purpose, as well. OnePlus is marketing it as a productivity product, so it will have less of the gaming bling of the X 27.

OnePlus Monitor X 27 Rumors

The main official teasers show one of the monitors capable of standing upright. We believe it’s the OnePlus E24 since the portrait mode makes more sense on a productivity monitor than on a gaming one. However, we will have to wait to see if it’s actually the case.

Being a mid-range product, it will also comparatively cheaper than its gaming sibling. The toned-down specs and the affordable price tag will make it a good option for regular users.

OnePlus Monitor X 27, E 24 Official Launch Date

OnePlus will unveil the Monitor X 27 gaming and E 24 productivity monitors on December 12. As with its TV lineup, the monitors will be available in the Indian market first.

OnePlus Monitors Lineup Purpose Official Launch Date
OnePlus Monitor X 27GamingDecember 12 (India)
OnePlus Monitor E 24Productivity

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