Oppo is a partner in the Pan-Industry Eco Rating Labeling Scheme

Oppo has joined the list of first-of-its-kind partners in the Pan-Industry Eco Rating Labeling Scheme launched by leading operators with the hope of a sustainable future in a new initiative under its mission ‘Technology for Mankind Kindness for the World’.

The scheme will be implemented across Europe from June 2021. This will help consumers to compare and identify between the most durable smartphones by raising awareness about environmental protection and sustainability.

The eco-rating initiative was jointly launched by five of Europe’s leading mobile operators, Dutch Telecom, Orange, Telefonica, Telia Company and Vodafone.

Its main purpose is to provide accurate information about the impact of the production, use, transportation and disposal of smartphones and feature phones on the environment.

In support of this initiative, OPPO has become one of the first participants to provide data as well as advice and suggestions for adopting a parallel assessment method.

Under the detailed evaluation process, each smartphone handset is given an echo rating score out of the integer 100 based on the environmental performance it exhibits during its life cycle.

The eco-rating label for the device represents five aspects: durability, maintenance, recyclability, climate efficiency and resource efficiency.

In addition to collaborating with industrial partners, OPPO itself is taking the responsibility of building a sustainable world and playing a pioneering role for a better future for all.

The company has been adopting sustainable production process in every possible process from designing to packaging. Compared to 2019, OPPO has recycled 13 times more products in 2020 by weight.

For example, OPPO packaging uses 45 percent renewable fibers. OPPO also cut its general waste emissions by 42.7 percent and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent.


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