Oppo showcases new MagVock series and in-car technology at ‘Smart China Expo 2021’

Oppo showcases new MagVock series and in-car technology at ‘Smart China Expo 2021’

Oppo has participated in the Smart China Expo 2021 to be held in Chongqing, China from August 23 to 26 under the theme ‘Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life’.

Through the expo, Oppo showcased its new MagVook flash charging series, in-car connectivity and other technologies.

Henry Duane, Vice President and Chairman of OPPO’s Smartphone Products, said: “OPPO continues to be successful in our strategic deployment in a wide range of areas related to IoT and Internet of Experience, with the goal of empowering consumers in a variety of situations.”

He said that with the help of new magnetic flash charging and in-car connectivity technologies, the consumer experience is being enhanced in every possible way.

In addition to wireless air charging technology through the expo, Oppo also showcased for the first time its magnetic flash charging technology, the Oppo Magbok series.

Oppo also showcased its new achievements in digital car keys, remote vehicle control in the Oppo Find Xtreme, remote vehicle control in the Oppo Watch Two, and in-car flash charging, as well as in-car smartphone connectivity.

The digital car key will allow users to easily unlock their cars via Bluetooth using an Oppo smartphone, the company said.

The company claims that it will be more convenient for daily use as it does not require any kind of mobile network.

The remote vehicle control in Oppo Find X3 or Oppo Watch Two allows the user to turn on the air conditioning remotely with the help of the app. It will also allow car owners to search for their car from a distance.

While driving, users will also be able to use Oppo’s state-of-the-art in-car flash charge, which supports Oppo’s 65-watt Hung USB flash charge and 40-watt wireless flash charge.


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