Money Mitra, a stock market and financial knowledge platform that was prepared in one and a half years

Recently, the number of people investing in the stock market is increasing. Some people invest at the behest of others and some invest by themselves.


There is a platform available in the market for those who want to learn about the stock market. Some platforms are complicated and some are expensive. Not all features are available on the same platform. Because of this, not all Nepalis have been able to get financial knowledge.

To solve this problem, a platform called Mani Mitra is available in the market. Mani Mitra Ideapreneur, which was released 1 month ago, is a product of Nepal.

Sanjog Koirala, founder and CEO of Mani Mitra, said that after one and a half years of hard work, Mani Mitra was prepared with the aim of imparting knowledge about the stock market and finance to all Nepalis.

Money Mitra is a financial super app. In this, we have made finance easy and convenient,’ Koirala told Icity News, ‘Finance has been developed in a way that can be understood by both educated and non-educated people.’

Also, Koirala, who is also an artist, has been involved in business for a few years. Having studied CA from India, he is also a content creator. In 2020 he aims to impart financial knowledge Ideapreneur Nepal He started a YouTube channel called

They were making financial related videos targeting the youth. In a short period of time, the channel was also chosen by many. While making the video, many problems faced by the audience started appearing in the comments. Then Koirala began to think, ‘Many people in Nepal do not have knowledge about finance.’ And proceeded to solve the problem. It is said that there is a business between the problem and the solution. That is the reward, dear friend.

Koirala says that the idea of ​​Mani Mitra came from a comment on a YouTube video. The idea that came out of the comments is now going to be the charioteer of millions of Nepalis. Although people are willing to invest in the stock market, there is a lack of proper knowledge.

He says that all the software available in the market is a bit complicated. He goes on to say, ‘Current software is a bit complicated. All data driven. A person who does not know finance gets confused when looking at the data.’

But Mani Mitra has been prepared so that everyone can understand the data. Data is also displayed in charts and graphics. Money Mitra has features such as stock market analysis, broker recommendations, personal financial counseling, courses, articles, etc. Another thing that Mani Mitra’s strongest point is the user interface (UI). The UI has been attractively designed to be easy to use.

Money Mitra provides daily stock market data, technical analysis, financial management and advice, alerts, newsletters, reports, broker commission, broker’s share buying and selling, hold etc.

What are the features of Mani Mitra?

Mani Mitra is like a shopping mall. Just as you can buy the things you need in a shopping mall, in the same way you can get all the information related to Money Mitra Finance. That is why it is called ‘Super App’ because it has many features in one platform.

Mani Mitra currently has 5 types of facilities available namely Gurumantra, Broker Chirfar, Vrdhi, Ideapreneur Knowledge and Ideapreneur Course. According to Koirala, you can use the facilities of Mani Mitra according to your needs.

Gurumantra’s job is to help you invest by doing technical analysis of the stock market. 16 stock basteks are also kept in Gurumantra.

Koirala says that it is useful for those who want to invest in good companies according to the sector without analysis. Gurumantra has made BASTEC after studying all the details of the company.

Under Gurumantra, there are daily data, portfolio, stock bastek, live market, IPO information, alerts, transaction details, mutual funds, trading charts, comparison between different companies in the same sector, etc.

In the alert feature, you will be informed when the desired price (decrease/increase) of any company. Alerts can be sent via email, SMS or notification.

Similarly, broker Chirfar does the job of providing information about the broker. Broker Chirfar teaches you how to compare and choose a broker.

Similarly, another feature of being a friend is growth. Vrdhi is your personal finance manager. In addition to being able to track expenses, the increase helps in making budget plans for cars, houses, vacations, retirement etc. Overall, growth will play a big role in your financial management.

If you want to enter the field of finance. So if you want to gather knowledge about finance in the beginning, ideapreneur course and knowledge can be useful for you. You can find courses, articles and other informative knowledge related to finance and investment.

Currently 5 services are available in Mani Mitra, 2 more new services are also coming. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been in the news for some time now. Mani Mitra has also prepared to add AI facilities. According to Koirala, AI facility will be available in Mani Mitra after some time, work is going on now. AI will make analytics even easier.

How to use?

Money Mitra can be used through both mobile app (Android and iOS) and website. There is no need to create different accounts to use both methods. With the same user name and password, the app can be used and the website can also be used.

Mani Mitra can be used in free and paid form. Only limited features are available for free. There are two plans for free. First bull and second shark.

Bull’s fee is set at 299 rupees per month while Shark’s is set at 499 rupees per month. On the occasion of New Year, the company is currently offering a 15 percent discount on plan purchases.

Initially, if you want to test the service, Mani Mitra has also provided a 3-day trial facility, which includes all premium features. Then after 3 days it will automatically go to free plan.

Under the paid plan, Bull subscribers will get some facilities and Shark subscribers will get all the facilities.

Koirala says that there is no need to take different plans for all the facilities available in Mani Mitra. Mani Mitra currently has 5 facilities. There is no need to take different subscriptions for each feature,’ he says, ‘Bull users can use the limited features of 5 services, while Shark users can use all the features.’

You will get free share price after 3 pm, basic company search, 2 stock baskets, watchstock, portfolio, calculator etc.

Bull subscription will get NEPSE Live Updates, Company Search, Screener, 12 Stock Baskets, Paper Trading, 15 SMS per month, 100 popups per month, up to 30 stock watchlists, portfolio, 100 alert popups, all features of Broker Chirfar, growth and knowledge. are

Mani Mitra has more than 17 thousand downloads in a period of 1 month. More than 15,000 have subscribed. It can be used from the app or the web. Initially, the system was experiencing bugs but now it is stable. He said that the feedback from users has also been positive in recent times.

“In the beginning, bugs were seen in the system. We have solved the bugs,’ he said, ‘many people have started using it in a short time. The response of the users is encouraging.’

As cyber security challenges increase, Mani Mitra has made customer data security a top priority. External audit and VAPT are being done. Mani Mitra has applied for ISO certificate. Koirala seems confident that the ISO certificate will come soon.

Mani Mitra now has a team of 18 people, who are working day and night to make Mani Mitra successful. Koirala says that there are many challenges and difficulties in starting a startup in Nepal, but in the future, we will bring products that can add value and facilitate the financial sector.

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