Nabil Bank’s collaboration with Panchkhal and Panauti municipalities for entrepreneurship development

Nabil Bank’s collaboration with Panchkhal and Panauti municipalities for entrepreneurship development

Nabil Bank has entered into agreements with Panchkhal and Panauti municipalities of Kavre district for entrepreneurship development and financial access.

The agreement was signed by Sujit Kumar Shakya, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Nabil Bank and Bhim Neupane, Mayor of Panauti Municipality.

Similarly, Nabil Bank’s Bagmati Chief Amit Shrestha and Deputy Mayor Laxmi Danuwar have signed a partnership agreement in Panchkhal Municipality.

Through this partnership, the objective is to provide loans to the entrepreneurs who want to venture through various enterprise related programs / trainings conducted by the municipalities at the local level as per the rules of the bank and also to conduct financial literacy orientation program in such programs / trainings.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Sujit Shakya said that he would help in social transformation by developing employment and entrepreneurship in Panauti Municipality and was eager to hear success stories in the next one year.

Similarly, Mayor of Panauti Municipality Bhim Neupane hoped that sustainable banking of Nabil Bank would strengthen the lower class farmers and entrepreneurs. He urged all to help in the development of the municipality by identifying real farmers and entrepreneurs and taking them to the bank.

Speaking at a program organized in Panchkhal, Deputy Mayor Laxmi Danuwar thanked the Panchkhal branch for making Nabil a sustainable banking pilot branch and said that they would work hand in hand with Nabil Bank for urban development and job creation.
Nabil Bank has started Nabil Sustainable Banking on the day of Paddy Day on July 30.

In order to support the government’s goal of sustainable development, Nabil has launched a sustainable banking program targeting the poor. Under the program, the bank has started Nabil Farmers Loan and Nabil Entrepreneur Loan.

The Bank has brought this program for the commercialization and entrepreneurship development of the agricultural sector to the people who have less access to finance in the rural areas.


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