What is Samsung’s Secure Folder? Here’s how to use it

What is Samsung’s Secure Folder? Here’s how to use it

Mobile phones have been becoming very popular in Nepal for some years now. Smartphones of various brands have entered the Nepali market. Samsung is also one of the smartphone brands and it is popular in Nepal.

Most users may not know about the Secure folder on Samsung phones. Samsung has created a separate folder to secure its users’ data, called Secure Folder.

This gives users space to keep photos, videos and documents private. It is an encrypted folder that also offers the option of biometric authentication to make it even more secure.

This encrypted folder is called Secure Folder. Today we are giving information on how to enable and setup Secure Folder on Samsung smartphones.

Here’s how to use Secure Folder

First you go to the settings of your Samsung smartphone and click on the ‘Biometric and Security’ option. Then scroll down and click on the Secure folder.

After doing so, the device will tell you the process to set up the secure folder. You will need to provide details of your Samsung account and Google account. You also need to set up password protection.

After that, the Secure folder opens automatically on the device. At the same time, a new secure folder will appear in the launcher. If you want to add apps to it, you have to click on the plus icon in the upper right. It can also contain pre-installed apps or can be added by downloading from the Play Store.

If you need to keep files, photos, videos and documents in a secure folder, open the file and click on the three dotted icon. Then go to the ‘Move to Secure Folder’ option.

If you need to delete the Secure folder, open the Secure folder. Then click on the three dotted icon and go to settings. After that, you can go there and choose the uninstall option.


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