Why traffic does not recognize the license of the citizen app?

The government announced the citizen app on January 2 saying ‘not online, online’. New users are being added to this app day by day.


Since various government online services are included in one app, many people have preferred it. Some people are downloading this app just to try it out.

However, with the use of this app, complaints about it have started to increase, especially when the traffic ticket is cut, citizens do not recognize the license on the app. The traffic police asks for the license in physical form and claims that the license in the citizen app can be fake.

Rajendra Prasad Bhatt, Spokesperson of the Valley Traffic Police Office, says, ‘The rules of the traffic system say that we will take action by showing the license in physical form. Now how to trust the license of citizen A is sakkali. That is why we are forced to show it physically.’

Regarding this, Netra Subedi, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, says that they have given instructions to the relevant agencies to treat it as official. He says, ‘It is completely irresponsible to say that it is not happening now when the traffic police office itself holds a press conference and shows the license through the citizen app. We coordinate with the traffic police about this.’

According to him, since the government has introduced the citizen app for the convenience of the citizens, the traffic police and other subordinates should have faith that the documents there will be accurate. He said, ‘We are preparing to discuss this matter again with the Department of Transport Management, the Transport Office and the Traffic Office.’

Rajesh Pokhrel, director of the National Information Technology Center, said that the Citizen app has been downloaded nearly 2 million times, including about 1.6 million on Android and 3.5 million on iOS.

He said, ‘The number of people using the civic app is increasing day by day. We will be able to see the Election Commission’s voting card immediately.’ According to him, in any upcoming elections, common people will be able to cast their vote through the Citizen App, and they will be able to view the voter card, citizenship, and passport.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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