Ubislate 7+, Ubislate Tab in Nepal

Ubislate 7+, a powerful computing tool to bridge the digital divide is
now avilable. The price of this tablet in Rs.6,000 only in Nepal. With
Ubsilate 7 plus you can anytime, anywhere access web, multimedia content
and android applications & games. Now lets move to short introduction
about Ubislate 7+ Tablet PC.
UbiSlate by Datawind is the first device promoted by the goverment of
India as an important tool for the excellence in the domain of
education, it plans to distribute 10 million units to the students
across india. In similar vein of the Indian government more than a dozen
countries are evincing interest to do so.
While education is one example, the device serves the purpose in all
domains, be if, health, science and technology, environment, employment,
governance, news and media, entertainment and many more.
Ubislate 7 plus, an updated version of Aakash Tablet PC has hit
tremendous response in India with 1.4 million online bookings in just
two weeks. Intended for students it can be used as an e-book reader, for
access to online streaming course material and web based research. Not
limited to students, Ubislate 7+ offers anybody that wants high quality
web, social networking, instant messaging, multimedia, games and
hundreds of applications, a durable and affordable mobile device,
instant messaging and social networking are delivered through the
Nimbuzz application.
The features of Ubislate 7+ Tablet PC are as follows:
A. High Quality Web – Anytime & Anywhere.
1. Connect via GPRS or Wi-Fi,
2. GPRS: Embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and
allows internet access everywhere,
3. Wi-Fi: Allows fast YouTube videos and hotspots,
4. Fast web access even on GPRS networks, accross the country using
Datawind’s patented acceleration technology,
5. Web, Email, Facebook, Twitter and much more!
B. Multimedia Powerhouse.
6. High Defination (HD) Quality Video,
C. Watching movies in the palm of your hand on 7" screen.
7. Audio library software helps manage your full collection of songs,
D. Applications Galore with Android 2.3.
8. Games,
9. Productivity software : Office Suite (Pre-installed ‘Documents to go’
Full version with license key worth $18.99),
E. 2 Full sized- USB ports & Micro SD Slot.
10. Expand memory upto 32 GB,
11. Use any ordinary pen drive,
12. Even plug in a 3G dongle,
F. It is also a Phone.
13. Phone Calls can be done.
G. Unbeatable Price.
14. It’s price is NRs. 6000 only.
Ubislate 7+ has been brought by Gizmos Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal.
I have already booked this device at Can Info Tech 2012 from stall
number B22 and still waiting of Ubislate Tablet PC’s arrival in Nepali
I had gotten a thank you message from Gizmos and says their old number
has been changed. I had called them so many times but each time I call
they say Ubislate is comming in next 2 weeks. Uff I’m tired of listening
their f***ing skips. Please guys inform with your latest updates about
this commenting below.

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