You can now pay money from Viber, link your bank account and Visa card

You can now pay money through Viber. Viber is preparing to launch the payment service within the app. After the payment service is available, digital wallet can be created in Viber itself.

Ofir Eyal, who was recently appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Viber, said that Viber will now be brought into the fintech category.

Viber’s ‘Payment Service’ can be linked with bank accounts and Visa and MasterCard to pay bills, purchase goods and transfer money to other people.

Viber will initially make ‘peer-to-peer’ transfers available to users for free. The service will be available in Germany and Greece later this summer.

In the beginning, Viber has said that it will take advice and suggestions from its users about the things that need to be further modified before making it public elsewhere.

“We want to maintain Viber’s high standards and innovative spirit in operating and expanding the app to improve the user experience and ultimately become a super app,” said Eyal.

Eyal, who was appointed as the CEO of Viber in August last year, has made a very important contribution to the development of the company and bringing Viber closer to the users during his 7-year journey with the company.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Eyal held the position of Vice President of Product at Rakuten Viber, handling areas such as user experience, customer success, content and localization.

Recently, Viber’s advancements have encouraged users to communicate with each other as well as provide features that help elevate their experience in both business and entertainment.

Eyal, who holds the company’s most senior position, oversees the company’s ambitious product development and market expansion efforts.

In addition, while Viber continues to maintain its position as the world leader, Eyal has also been exploring new opportunities to further support the company’s growth.

Asia Pacific, Viber is one of the fastest growing regions in recent times. Viber’s users in this region are growing at a rate of 20 percent every year and partnership plans are continuously being implemented and implemented in new ways in their region.

With this in mind, Viber’s investments in the Asia Pacific region continue to produce more country-specific partners, localize strategies and offers, and provide benefits to Viber users, leaving Rakuten Viber fully poised to expand its user base at an even faster pace.

With 38 percent growth in group chats, 26 percent growth in group messages and 39 percent growth in community viewers, Viber is the most unique and most trusted app in Nepal.

The app has significantly gained trust and loyalty from individual users as well as large and small businesses and educational institutions in Nepal.

During the covid-19 pandemic, it was severely affecting small and large businesses who were suffering a loss of 20-50 percent of their income. And Rakuten Viber has played a very important role in bringing back these businesses.

By helping these entrepreneurs take their business digitally through effective one-to-many (through communities and channels) and one-to-one conversational commerce (through private messaging after talking in communities and channels), Viber provided them with very impressive opportunities.

In addition, Rakuten Viber has played an important role by helping schools and educational institutions to strengthen their educational activities. The app launched many leading channels in various streams.

Also, the team with various schools recently successfully conducted an educational webinar, where the participants were given detailed training on the various collaborative features of Viber in educational activities and learning.

With clarity on where to take Viber next, Eyal’s leadership is expected to drive Viber’s continued growth and expansion into new markets in product and service development, establishing Viber as a leading and innovative contender in the global messaging and app landscape.

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