Avast Security Issue in macOS Big Sur (Fixed)

I had been using Avast Security Antivirus for many years. It has been my most preferred Antivirus to be precise. Recently, I had updated to macOS Big Sur and I am having a problem cause of this AV.

Avast Security Error in macOS Big Sur says "This Mac is not fully protected" because of the Shield errors.

Avast Security Error in macOS Big Sur says “This Mac is not fully protected” because of the Shield errors.

The following Core Shields are not working.

File Shield: This is the only working feature.

Web Shield: It’s disabled and is not allowing to tun on.

Email Shield: Same as web shield.

Real Site: It allows me to turn on. After turning on, again it automatically slides to the off.

Avast Security Core Defence

Avast Security Core Defence is disabled and there is no option to enable.

The biggest problem is whenever I open Avast Security and click on the buttons it freezes. It takes up to 4-5 minutes for the screen to appear,  and when clicked, it retakes the time.


Update: This issue has been fixed as of now! Confirmed at Mon 1 Feb 2021 

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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