Nepal Storm: Asian Premier League Cricket

By | June 18, 2017
Nepal Storm / Asian Premier League (APL) T20 Team

Nepal Storm / Asian Premier League (APL) T20 Team

In this post, we are going to learn about the Team Nepal participating as Bangladesh Tigers in the 2017 Asian Premier League T20 cricket who are playing in TU Cricket Ground in Kritipur next to Kathmandu city.

Know the captains, mentors and team players from 6 franchise teams from Bangladesh, Dubai, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.


Captain: Stuart Macgill

Mentor: Dimitri Mascarenhas

Nepal Storm Players

  1. Stuart Macgill
  2. Paresh Lohani
  3. Kamil Khan
  4. Malwinder
  5. Vineet Dhyani –Batsman
  6. Sarvesh Shrishat – Batsman
  7. Shyammohan Srivastava
  8. Bhupendra Thapa
  9. Amar Singh Routela
  10. Siddhant Raj Sahi
  11. Pawan Chandel
  12. Dishant Yadav
  13. Jitender Sharma
  14. Rahul Panday
  15. Rajveer Singh
  16. Danjay Tyagi
  17. Ashish Bisht
  18. Gaurav Barabade
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