How to Download Udemy Videos Using Terminal?

You wished you can watch the Udemy educational video materials where you have no any connection at home but you have an access to School or educational institute only. The don’t worry. I have an awesome method to download Udemy Videos so that we can download, take to your home and watch it later in your spare time.

First, make sure you already have your Udemy account and password ready. If not you can create Udemy Online Courses account by visiting their official website.

Let’s rock and roll using the script python-dl. Follow the following steps.

Step I: You need to install a PIP installer via the terminal. Run the following command.
sudo apt install python-pip

Step II: After installing the PIP we now gonna wanna download the actual downloader script called python-dl via PIP. So run the following line the terminal.
sudo apt install python-pip

Step II: Now after successfully installing the downloader script now we move into the actual video downloading steps. Here’s the command line to download the whole course from Udemy.

udemy-dl course-link

STEP III: In this step, you have to enter your credentials i.e username and password. Just type your credentials in the following format.

udemy-dl -u username -p password course-link


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Also, you can download the particular video just by specifying its name in the command line. It goes like this.

udemy-dl -u username -p password --lecture-start <no_where_you_want_to_start> --lecture-end <no_where_you_want_to_start> course-link


In this three simple steps entire or selected Udemy video courses can be downloaded via Terminal.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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4 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    I highly recommend Allavsoft.
    It can batch and direclty download videos from Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight etc.

  2. Michael Owusu says:

    Hi, I have tried downloading via the command line but keep getting this error:

    [ERROR-166] Course id not found!

    Not sure why. Any help

  3. Emily says:

    I use Allavsoft to download videos courses from Udemy and Lynda, YouTube etc

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