An Appetite For Learning, Hunger For knowledge and Thirst For Information.

If you are a Nepalese and reading this, you are the 1% who is capable of reading and understanding English. I guarantee you that whatever you are going to read from here onward in this post is the best thing you could read today.

Lately, I have been watching lots of biographical documentaries freely available on YouTube along with science and history related videos. Also, I keep reading about many theories especially related to psychology and sociology, many concepts, ideas, and perspectives. I spend all my day doing these kinda stuffs. Such a nerd I must be, ain’t I? Not really and this is not only my story.

An Appetite For Learning, Hunger For knowledge, Thirst For Information.

Heard about isn’t KNOWING // An Appetite For Learning, Hunger For knowledge, Thirst For Information.

Many of us, I would say 99% of us are self-made, self-educated youths. Parents of that 99 % don’t understand English that much. A couple of hours in school during the English-medium subjects and here we are reading and conversing in English. Most of our parents have no idea about science & theories, concepts & ideologies of the modern world and neither the school taught us nor our college. We learned and are learning about them on our own. Thanks to the Internet. We have spent hours and hours digging around what is right and what is wrong, spent hours and hours observing values and conscience of people from different societies through movies and videos. We have spent many nights reading Wikipedia and comment threads in forums.

Neither our parents ask us to do that nor our college did. But we did because somewhere inside we realized there is something missing from our lives. There is a huge difference in the level of consciousness between us and those youths from developed nations. To be particular, we are in the quest of knowing, learning, understanding everything through the Internet, through books and movies, that our parents know nothing about. We spend hours in front of computer and tabs and mobiles surfing Wikipedia, Quora, youtube videos, documentaries, and films that many have no idea. In fact, we are self-educating.

Now, not every one of us is knowledge hunger. Some of them use their Internet for porn and useless stuff (I think so). Some of them use the Internet to find dates and partners to hook. Long post turns them off, deep talks bore them. They just want to read headings and presume to understand the news. They want to read a few lines and pass judgment on authors. Their attitude towards life and their privilege is quite mediocre.

Are you one of them? But, I highly doubt you are the latter one because he/she must have already left the post in the midway. You know, the long post bore them to hell.

Every day I am more convinced that I need to learn many many things. Most of us suffer from an illusion of “I know” just because “have heard about.” We think we know about Hitler because we have heard about him; here and there. We think we know about Fidel Castro because we have heard about him;  here and there. We think we know about World War and we think we know about the atomic bomb detonated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki because we have heard about it. “Heard about” isn’t KNOWING. Knowing comes after hours of reading about the subject after hours of listening from experts, watching many films and documentaries on the subject. I don’t anymore claim to know things that I haven’t spend hours and days of my life researching to know.

I am pretty convinced that like how far we came in the last 10 years. We will be much better in the next 10 years. Suddenly a question struck — WAIT! What if the internet is gone?

You never know what happens in politics especially in the country like Nepal. Imagine, one morning you wake up and your YourTube is gone, your Facebook is gone, your Wikipedia is gone. You are fed like North Koreans or Cubans, the state permitted books and contents. The government tells you what you can watch and what you cannot. What you can read and what you cannot. You are hypnotized with populist promises and propaganda. Will we evolve at the same speed at the last 10 years? Or will we be stuck in one timeline of human civilization like Cubans are stuck in the 70s?

Sometimes, we realize the value of a thing only when we lose it. Same goes for democracy. Same goes for freedom Same goes with privilege. Wiseness is realizing their values before losing them so that we fight to preserve them. Do everything to make the best use of them.
Let me repeat this again. Having access to the Internet, capable of understanding English, and also having the patience to read such long post in a boring topic like intellectuality and knowledge & stuff already make you THE PROMISING ONE. You are from the 1% bracket. You, the one percent is the one to influence and inspire and guide the rest of the 99%. This country needs you. But before that, 10 long years we are yet to spend, reading, watching, learning, observing, understanding, human, world, country, society. The privilege that you currently enjoy is the blessing. You must count that. Make the best use of the Internet and best use of your lack of financial constraints in search of history, in search of answers, in search of facts and figures. Try knowing everything needed that shall make you immune to propaganda, immune to fallacies, immune to manipulations.

I am telling you this because I recently realized how much you and I are privileged. Yet, how vulnerable we are and what needs to be done before anything goes wrong.

Let’s grow some ears, grow some patience, increase our appetite for learning, hunger for knowledge, thirst for information. If not to make a better country or better world at least to make a better family. Luckiness is being born through parents that are well informed and well knowledgeable. Be with the luck.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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