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When is the audition date of Nepal Idol 2017?

Nepal Idol Audition Locations
Nepal Idol Audition Locations

Nepal Idol has just announced that the audition dates for 2017 Nepal Idol singing competition will be announced tonight. The last update from Nepal Idol was like this below.

Hold your breath, Get ready to rock, Prepare to the best. We are going to announce the Auditions Dates today.

So we are expecting the audition dates to be revealed today.


Now the auditions dates and places are published.

Nepal Idol Auditions, Dates and Places
Nepal Idol Auditions, Dates and Places


    1. Meanwhile, the current Idol Season is happening. Please keep in touch. The next schedule or audition dates of Nepal Idol Second Season will be published on this very website. I will share about it one month after the current season’s finale.
      Keep in touch!

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