Creation of a Model Institute of Technology dedicated to delivering exceptional global education

Model Institute of Technology (MIT) has been established with the aim of providing world-class education in Nepal. MIT was established in Baghbazar, Kathmandu in collaboration with the International American University.


Academic Leadership Summit 2023 program, former ambassador to America Dr. Arjun Karki and MIT President Surendra Subedi inaugurated the joint AIT.

In the program, President of Model Institute of Technology, Surendra Subedi, said that by providing world-class education to young people in Nepal, opportunities can be widened in the country. ‘Quality education is somewhat expensive. But it will help the country in the long run,” he said. “Though low-quality education is cheap, it will become more expensive in the long run.”

Former Vice Chancellor of Midwest University, Prof. Dr. Upendra Kumar Koirala presented a working paper on the topic of ‘Higher Education Needs, Problems and Solutions’, if they are honest in the field of education, there is a possibility in Nepal and such educational institutions will prevent the educated youth of Nepal from going abroad, make the educational quality globally competitive and adopt sophisticated teaching methods to meet the challenges seen in the society to some extent. However, he expressed his belief that he would be helpful in solving it.

The former US ambassador of the Nepal government, who is the speaker of the program, Dr. Arjun Karki said that skilled manpower is the backbone of the country’s economy in building a modern society and the country will be known to the world only by skilled manpower.

In the program, the director of Model Institute of Technology, Ramakrishna Dahal informed that he has been in the educational field for a long time and has cooperated with the International American University with the aim of providing world-class knowledge and ability at home by conducting programs of good universities in Nepal and abroad. He says that management and IT programs will be taught at affordable fees with various scholarships.

MIT has prepared to start BBA, MBA, and BIT courses initially. The college has informed that new admissions are now open for BBA and MBA and after 3 months, new admissions will also be opened for BIT.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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