The bank said, ‘You can’t do it by showing the citizen app, just bring the PAN card.’

The bank said, ‘You can’t do it by showing the citizen app, just bring the PAN card.’

Sunil Yadav of Bara, a resident of Mait Devi, Kathmandu, applied for a dollar card online at NIC Asia Bank a few days ago.

The call came the next day. He went to NIC Asia Bank’s Battisputli branch on Thursday to get a dollar card.

Permanent account number (PAN) is mandatory to get a dollar card. Bank employees asked Sunil for PAN number. Sunil used to run a citizen app. Sunil showed the PAN number integrated in the citizen app.

“It doesn’t work, sir. Bring the original,” the bank employee told Sunil.
“This is an app brought by the government, why it is not recognized,” he told the staff. However, his case was not heard.

His PAN card was at his home in Birgunj. I had to order a card from Birgunj as I could not get the card. Yadav said that he brought a dollar card from the bank this Friday morning by asking for his PAN card in Birgunj after the bank did not give him a dollar card while showing the PAN number from the citizen app.

“What’s the point of running this app if you don’t recognize it where it’s needed?” He said.

A similar incident happened not only at the bank but also at the airport. When the documents to be shown at the airport were shown from the Nagkir app, it was rejected like in the bank.

Sunil’s question is, ‘When Nagkir app is not recognized, why this app has come to the network?’

He has also posted the same thing on the social network Facebook. Millions of young people like Sunil are now using the Nagkir app to get personal details from the government. However, there are similar problems in some places like his.

Still everywhere, things about the citizen app have not reached the organization. Some do not understand it well. It may take some time to get the information about the citizen app everywhere and implement it.

Anil Kumar Dutt, joint secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said that after showing the PAN number from the citizen app, the bank employees have to accept it. He said that the government should have faith in it after taking ownership.

‘Citizen app belongs to the government. The information in it, the documents are generated from the system, ‘he said,’ it can not be said to believe. ‘ He says that not only the bank but also all the information and documents in the citizen app can be recognized anywhere.

An employee of NIC Asia Bank, who did not want to be named, said that even if the customer shows the PAN number from the mobile, the bank can go to the Inland Revenue Department’s website and verify the PAN number.

The government had released the full version of the citizen app on April 3. The citizen app has been developed with the aim of providing all possible public services from the mobile app.

By making the citizen app public, the government does not have to carry personal service details or documents to get any government service.


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