The Benefit Of Organ Transplantation

Transplantation is the implantation of a living or preserved tissue or organ from one site to another site in the same individual or from one individual, called the donor, to another individual, termed the recipient, with an objective of keeping the graft functional at the new place. Organ transplantation is a curative treatment for end stage organ failure. It saves many patients with otherwise fatal diseases. Bone marrow is transplanted to treat leukemia and diseases of blood cells. Cornea transplantation are done to restore vision. Skin autograft is always successful. Now it is possible to grow a sheet of skin in culture from a small piece of skin. This had lead to establishment of tissue banks. Kidney transplantation are done to save people from kidney failure. Heart transplantation can also save the life of a person. Organ transplantation is a boon to save the life of the patients suffering from organ failure.

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