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Lamichhane Rabins

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is the owner of RabinsXP who is constantly working for increasing Internet of Things (IoT) in Nepal. He also builds android apps and crafts beautiful websites. He is also working with various social services. The main aim of Lamichhane is to digitally empower the citizens of Nepal and make the world spiritually sound better both in terms of technology and personal development.

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  1. PRB says:

    dai google adsense e paisa kah pathaucha ra internet support garne credit card kun bank ma cha ne

  2. says:

    Google Adsense's payments are sent through Western Union Money Transfer, Bank/Wire Transfer or Cheque via Postal. You can select any payment methods under payments setting section of your adsense dashboard.
    Regarding name of bank that supports online or lets say enables us to do online transaction.. I think many bank give but matter is premium you have to pay. I guess Investment bank is giving on low premium but not sure.
    For google adsense you can use Western Union money transfer.. It's easy too.. If you need additional help you can let me know I'm always ready for any help and support.

  3. dipu says:

    dai ani kati age samma ko lagi ho yo

  4. Dipu yo 18 years above ko lagi ho. But if you are above 13 I could provide you different sorts of method (under guidance of your own family member).

  5. Peshal says:

    so, how can i make money online? Please tell me detail.

  6. Peshal, there are many ways but it depends upon how many bucks you can make. As you have posted your comment on this post, do you wanna learn about Adsense Earning Tips or ? If for others please check posts under the Money and Finance.

  7. Hey bro, Can I apply for Adsense for Nepali Language blog?

  8. Since there are few advertiser targeted for Nepali language blogs your blog or website should have high quality contents and high traffic.. You can apply but getting approved by Adsense depends upon how is your website or blog.

  9. deepak kumar says:

    ani dai jastai malai adsense acc kholnu 6 bhane k garnu par6. sign up garne bela kun field ma k garne/lekhne bhanera bhanidinus na.

  10. Deepak Vai.. First of all you should have at least one website or blog (if you don't have any get free from

    Before apply-ing for Adsense make sure ur website/blog have good contents (must not be any underconstruction website).

    # How to signup for Google Adsense?

    ~ Go to (or
    ~ Click on Signup/Join programme or similar.
    ~ Type your primary domain name (ur website or blog url)
    ~ Fill your First Name, Middle Name
    ~ Also fill all the required boxes there on the page like your City/Town, State, Postal, Country name.
    ~ Read all the Terms & Conditions and check ok on the T&C aggrement check box.
    ~ Then wait for 2 – 3 business till Google Adsense's staff review your submitted information.
    ~ And best of luck. I hope yours would be accepted.

    Still need any help & support feel free to read related stuffs on or comment.

  11. Nadish ojha says:

    di form fill kashari gar ne

  12. dibesh says:

    blog bata adsense ma kasari register garne ????

  13. Nadish Vai maile mathi bhane jasari nai garne ho.. Just signup gara and required details fill gara..

  14. Mr. Dibesh, blog bata bhannale.. I mean please can you mention something more?

    Are you talking about html code from approved adsense a/c or signing new adsense a/c using your primary blog.

  15. Dai City/Town, State, Postal, Country name ma k lekhne?
    Demo dinu na…
    State lai empty chhodne ho?

  16. Gaurav Vai, I'm just gonna give an example hai ta.. Details timro afnai lekhnu…
    Street ma New Baneshwor,
    City/Town ma Kathmandu,
    State ma Bagmati,
    Postal ma 00977 or your own postal code,
    Country name ta obviously Nepal bhai halyo.
    Just yeti ho ki afno details rakha and all the fields chai fill gara..
    Still if any problem exists just comment here. Hope you got the point. Best of luck!

  17. deepak kumar says:

    hello dai, I want to apply for amazon affiliates but will amazon affiliates will work in nepal?

    ani tapaile mathiko comment ma "Postal ma 00977 or your own postal code" bhannu bhayeko thiyo. afno postal code bhannale k ho?

  18. Hello Vai, yes amazon affiliates
    works in almost every country and Nepal too.

    Talking about mathiko ma postal address bhannale jun hami le Radio, TV ma sunchhau… Falano P.O.Box number ma patrachar garnus bhanera…ho tye nai ho postal code.. Some people have private Post Office Box Number . If not use Nepal's postal code 00977.

    (Note Nepal's postal's code doesn't may/may not tell about location or city address or any geographical locations)

  19. kapiton.09 says:

    Hello Rabin dai, mero site , PR 3 ko vacha, ani balla 3months pura vayo. Adsense ko lagi apply garda ""Site does not comply with Google policies"" vane6. Adsense ko lagi 6months hunapar6 ra Nepali website haru. Article sabai maile lekheko ho, design pani maile afai gareko,easy navigation cha. Adsense approve huna maile k garnu par6, help gardinuna.

  20. Kapitan vai… The PR always do not come under the T&Cs or lets say requirements. But as per the Adsense rule your site must follow the Adsense Guidelines. If you are having problem "site doesn't meet the critera" or such kind. U might have got a mail my adsense. You can forward that message to me (info[AT] and i'll try to solve your problem.

  21. kapiton.09 says:

    thank you dai. I'll forward the mail.

  22. "As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s)" – This means your site was allowed to place ad code on your site, at first. But later on your adsense has been rejected on second review for not satisfying the terms & conditions.
    You can include the Privacy Policy page on your site. And also forward me the first adsense reply too. It makes easy to solve.

  23. Sushan Jobid says:

    hey rabins, yo adsense ma apply garda blog kholeko 6 months pugnu parchha ra.& tyo payee name ma aafnai name lekhne ho ki bank account ma j chha tehi lekhne ho

  24. Sushan Jobid says:

    rabins dai, payment ko lagi mero aafnai bank account use garnu parchha ki sabau aru ko bank account use garda ni hunchha

  25. Hello Sushan Vai, No any fixed rule ki 6 months hunu parxa… 6 months kina vanyeako ho vane tyo duration samma you c'd write something and ur blog or website gets to start traffic (organic + inorganic). Yedi good contents xa bhane u c'd start now.

    Now, talking about Payee Name timrai hunu parxa ( i mean a/c holder), a must match with name written in National ID or passport or such kinds.

    Aba kura garau bank a/c ko name ra payee name bare.
    Your payee name on Google Adsense's a/c and your Bank's a/c match hunu parxa bhanne kunai compulsion ayle samma xaina tara future ma problem na hola bhanna sakidaina…

    Giving u my own personal example on it. 2 yrs back I withdrawl a cheque sent by Google at EBL. What I found is that they just took my cheque & examine and later they credited the amount to my bank's a/c which I've mentioned earlier while submitting the cheque to the bank.

    And I suggest you to use either Western Union Money Transfer or Cheque. Kasle jhamela garxa vai. Takka WUMT ma jani paisa withdrawl garne and hasdai nachdai back to home aaune ki kaso Sushan vai? 🙂

  26. Dai google ads ko account kholna page rank kati hunu parcha ni?

  27. Utsav bro…Page rank nai chain6 bhanne chai 6aina…

  28. earner says:

    Hey rabin, I think you also know that paypal does not provide it;s full service in nepal. In paypal, We can only send money but we cant recieve money in nepal. Well Can I get money if I verify my paypal account with vcc's. I hope you will reply it fast.

  29. I don't think we can cashout using VCC (at present)… But if you have a verified paypal a/c with ur CC details then u can directly cashout from any supported ATM like Mastercards, American Express or others. You may/may not be charged for withdrawl in Nepalese Cash.

  30. sahi ho rabin dai thnk u very much

  31. Hello rabin bro,

    I am also blogger and own a blog ,,

    and my question to u is that how can i make it .com , is it possible from google apps in blogger setting.. i need ur help …

    abhishek from Kapan

  32. You can enter your .com domain on custom domain on the setting.

  33. You can buy a new domain using Google checkout there. If ur buying domains from Godaddy contact me for promo codes or use this : 'WOWOFFER' for 20% discount.

  34. bhupal thapa says:

    hi bro ! i also have my own blogs and my questions is that how can i get my earning money via western union money transfer?plz help me as well as possible soon…………..

  35. bro! maile adsense ko lagi apply garda "The account associated with publisher ID ca-pub-8878390235032592 has been disapproved." yesto au6! kina hola????

  36. Hi rabin sir, mero blog ho, Maile dherai patak try garen but critea pugen van6, adsense firm ma nepali langues dieko 6aina katai nepali langueseka blog lai add napaune ho ?

  37. हेल्लो रबिन सर, के छ हालखबर ? म तपाइलाई एउटा प्रश्न गर्छु, किन होला नेपालीमा लेखिएको ब्लग मा Google Ads Show गर्दैन ? एकछिन Show गर्छ अनी जब Visitor आउन थाल्छ तेसपछी Show नै गर्दैन, के तपैसंग यो रोगको उपचार छ होला ? एदी छ भने Share गर्नु होला, मलाई पूर्ण आशा छ you can do it that for us धन्यवाद !

  38. Excuse me, how long does it take for the pin verification mail to arrive in post office, sundhara, kathmandu?

  39. Excuse me sir, how long does it take for pin verification mail to reach post office in sundhara, kathmandu?

  40. well it may take one month but u may receive earlier too… or may be late… at least wait for 1 month and see…

  41. Crazy Chandra Ji…. Nepali text hune sites ko lagi advertisers kam (less) vayera ho…. target garnus dekhau xa…

  42. ram ji balami… nepali txt ko webpages ali highly trafficked hunu parxa accept bhai halxa.. yo can first get approved ur adsense a/c using an English blog… ani tyespaxai nepali blog ma rakhda hunxa ni ta…

  43. Adarsha ji… tapaiko adsense a/c blocked bhaye jasto xa… this happens on violating Adsense's terms and conditions.

  44. bhupal thapa… well there are lots of ways to earn money online in nepal… but if one knows the exact way then he/she could earn lots of buck just from home at kathmandu or pokhara…
    for u i suggest Google Adsense… you can signup there get approved and start earning revenue..
    But before u need to get ideas regarding the very topic we are talking about… learn the appropriate usage and earn handsome money.

  45. dai, maile secured express delivery (by paying 25$) garna k garnu par6? Maile payeko information anusar DHL bata mil6 bhan6an. ani adsense ko help ma chahi

    ""If you wish to receive payments by secured express delivery, please contact the courier in your location to confirm that they will provide service to your address and that it is in the proper format.""

    lekheko 6. k garni hola? k DHL bata paisa nikalna mil6 ra? ki DHL ko office ma janu par6? help garnu na. plz

  46. Kushal Bhai…. Tyesto jhanjhat garnai pardaina ni ta…. simply western union money transfer chhadai xa ni… secured express delivery ma cheque aaune ho.. pheri check withdrawl garda time lagxa ni money hand ma aauda… i prefer western union money transfer in this case… but if u desperately wanna use this service please comment on further..

  47. रबिन जी नमस्कार, मैले Adsense मा apply गर्दा "The account associated with publisher ID ca-pub-5608533137231557 has been disapproved." भनेर आयो | मैले ब्लगमा कुनै त्यस्तो नराम्रो कुरा पोष्ट पनि गरेको छैन | मेरो समाचार सम्बन्धीको ब्लग हो | अरु २/३ ओटा ब्लगको लागि apply गर्दा पनि disapproved भनेर आयो, कसरी र के गर्दा approved हुन्छ ? Approved भएकाहरुलाई त सामान्य जस्तो लाग्दो होला तर हामीजस्तालाइ त आकाशको फल जस्तै भएको छ ! Traffic Source पनि धेरै छ र पनि approve हुदैन 🙁 कसरी के गर्दा चाहिँ approve हुन्छ ? यहाँको मोबाइल नम्बर दिन मिल्छ भने [email protected] मा पठाइदिनुस न है ?

  48. रबिन जी नमस्कार, मैले Adsense मा apply गर्दा "The account associated with publisher ID ca-pub-5608533137231557 has been disapproved." भनेर आयो | मैले ब्लगमा कुनै त्यस्तो नराम्रो कुरा पोष्ट पनि गरेको छैन | मेरो समाचार सम्बन्धीको ब्लग हो | अरु २/३ ओटा ब्लगको लागि apply गर्दा पनि disapproved भनेर आयो, कसरी र के गर्दा approved हुन्छ ? Approved भएकाहरुलाई त सामान्य जस्तो लाग्दो होला तर हामीजस्तालाइ त आकाशको फल जस्तै भएको छ ! Traffic Source पनि धेरै छ र पनि approve हुदैन 🙁 कसरी के गर्दा चाहिँ approve हुन्छ ? यहाँको मोबाइल नम्बर दिन मिल्छ भने [email protected] मा पठाइदिनुस न है ?

  49. suresh dahal says:

    my webite contents are in unicode neali, i have appied for adsence , how i support language.

    i have attached my email mail details

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

    – Unsupported Language

  50. suresh ji it's already clear that your blog's language is not supported… u can start writing a english language blog… and try to apply again..

  51. Dipesh bro… "The account associated with publisher ID ca-pub-5608533137231557 has been disapproved." bhanyo bhanye tapaiko a/c disable bhayo bhanne kura tapailai pani taha bhayao hola.. yesko matlab tapaile google's T&C or policy biparit kam garnu bhayo… yo kati paya estati ma hami haru lai pani taha hudaina… u do such mistakes unknowingly…..

    first time ma sayad tapaiko adsense a/c ma message ayeko hunu parxa terms and conditions violate bhayo bhanera.. tyeti nai bela u should have to take action… i mean remove such illegal or unauthorized posts or of such kinds…

    Its not sure they gonna re-enable a/c.. it's a rare case…. nevertheless have a try… or better u can sign up new adsense account using a new blog..

    if u have still any problems.. i have just started my facebook fan page u can post there… catch up at

  52. dai, maile paisa nikalni secured express delivery choose gareko thye, aba change garni milena 15th of month pa6i. secured express delivery batai paisa nikalna paryo. ani adsense le payment issue hijo(23rd may) ma gareko rai6, aba paisa DHL bata athawa FedX bata nikalne bhanni kasari choose garni ho ? ra payment ko aru details kasari tha pauni?

  53. dai, western union bata paisa auna kati time lag6 ni? ai pugni time reliable 6 ki 6aina? ki tyo pin aye jastari ni vary hun6? ani secured express delivery ko delivery time ta fixed hun6 holai ni?

  54. Western union money transfer bata paisa aauna tine lagdaina… Just code leyera jane paisa nikalne

  55. if anyone need adsense account in 2 hour contact me . If ma sanga contact garnu paryo vane add me in Yahoo mail "[email protected]". Skype ma "spark_rahul" and my mobile is 9806673560.. calling me is best option.

  56. Nice information about earning money through adsense. Visit earn money online to earn money by doing simple job. It is free to register and to work and it also accepts international users.

  57. lujaw says:

    I've recieved payment twice in 4 years. Payment through Western Money transfer is best for Nepal. Normally Western Union Money transfer deducts some dollars when sending money. But when its paid by Google Adsense, you get all the money. No any deduction.

    • BUT brought sometimes they go through a small digit difference. I meant to say about deducting the forex exchange value. Let's say only 99 for 99.** or of such kind. Nevertheless Western Union Money Transfer is the best option yet.

  58. i want to make some photoshop tutorial for my blog do u think its good idea Bro

  59. Sir, Vey nice and educational article. I am your daily reader. Sir, I have a question, my 3 Adsense account are disabled. Now can I create another?

    • Thanks for staying by. I will say No! But there is still an option left. Now you can’t create additional Adsense when your first Adsense is disabled. But, if you are able to verify with another address you can do it. But probably you won’t be able to do so. One of the best methods is used to use your old address or your new address. Since much new political division has been made or changed so even if you are using old address your verification PIN will be delivered to your new address or if you use the new address, it gets delivered to you.

  60. Sir then I will Create a new adsense with the old adress. Sir will it create any problems in future.

  61. Suraj thapa says:

    Nice information. Well, I wanted to ask a few questions but I got it from your reply in a comment.

  62. Unic Sathi says:

    Hello sir, can you please tell which bank is best to receive adsense money in nepal and reason behind being best ? Do banks take any service charges ? If yes then what is the percentage they take as service charge ?

    • Any bank you receive from will work as most of the bank has the same date of cheque withdrawal. Bank does not take any charges but I had found they provide low forex conversation irrespective the Central Bank of Nepal (NRB) rates.

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