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12 Things to Know Before You Become Software Engineer

Teej Festival of Nepal

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Genuine Methods to Earn Money Online from Nepal

Online Shopping Tips for Nepali Customers

How to develop an Android app like Paytm?

Top 10 Web Technologies Used in Nepal

How to become an Android developer?


My Keyword Prediction Tool For Higher Google Search Results Rank

RabinsXP.com is the first IoT/IT website of Nepal which is been running since 2001 and official on this domain since 2009. I started RARCSC in 4th grade which was a simple wap page later to be named Rabins XP and into an official brand name as RabinsXP. Learn more about RabinsXP.


Are you new to Web Programming? Learn now on RabinsXP!

Frequently people ask me which web programming language should they start with and I say just start with HTML and CSS. However, knowing HTML and CSS does not make you a web developer but to be a perfect web developer you should first focus on increasing your HTML, CSS skills and then learn some basic JavaScript. What I believe is they are the backbones or let’s say the base of every web developer. I also did the same thing. This article is about “Web Development” for anybody who has zero knowledge about coding and wants to pursue their career in Web Development in 2018. LEARN HOW

My Digital Nepal Dream

Dreaming Digital Nepal (Revolutionizing Information and Technology of Nepal)
I always wanted to contribute to improving the information and technological world of Nepal. October 1 (of 2015) was the first and fresh day for me to start working on it. Now the “Digital Nepal” campaign has been started so that every one of us can bring changes in Information and Technology in Nepal.


From Technology, Coding to Nature and Spiritual Preachings

These are the things I’ve applied in my life. I am sharing these things in reference to my personal experiences. Apart from IT and IOT; here are few spiritual ways such as Training The Mind, Started Meditation, The Third Eye, True spiritual Home, Love, When the Dawn Breaks, Buddhism & Teachings, The Divine Mystery of Love, and some Excerpts from Satsang. Visit Sanatana.net

adsense-logo-rabinsxpGoogle Adsense

Learn how to create a new AdSense account for your blog or website. This is especially dedicated to new newbie or rookies. Now let’s learn how to create a new AdSense account for your blog or website. But before you start creating the account you need to know there are some requirements you should meet. You must be 18 years of old by the time you are applying for the program and you should have at least one blog or website which I assume everybody knows now. HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE?

Who are Hackers?


Altering any device for productive usage is a good thing but sometimes profit for one can be a loss of others. This has happened after the evolution of computers in the markers. Because, now, information can be sprayed from any country. The new technologies or devices made easy for them to target a worldwide web also. Some hackers now tried to make a profit in terms of money. So they spread spyware and malware on others computer via The Internet. Some did for self-satisfaction but some made their business in this way. So you may ask who are hackers according to you? Find out types of hackers and types of hacking. WHO DOES AND HOW HACKING IS DONE?

rabinsxp-wordpress-blogCreate Blog/WordPress

The first part of the video starts with logging into bloggers and creating a new blog with each method explained. And for the BlogSpot’s blog, it teaches how to post a new blog. The second part of the video teaches you how to download WordPress and then upload to your own web host. And then it shows how to perform the action by using FileZilla FTP application. The finally teaches how to do a fresh installation of a new WordPress blog. Watch the full video tutorial (in Nepali) from creating a blog to installing WordPress. LEARN TO CREATE A NEW BLOG

The Power of Now


Eckhart Tolle is a contemporary spiritual teacher not aligned with any particular religion or spiritual path. Although he has been influenced by BuddhismChristianity, and Hinduism, his writings are predominantly based on his own personal experience. His first book, The Power of Now, published in 1997, has sold over 2 million copies and been translated into 17 languages. You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. Here’s a book review on ‘The Power of Now’.  A GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT

Monetize-Your-Nepali-BlogUnable To Monetize Your Nepali Blog

In a course of blogging, I’ve seen so many bloggers earning a lot of money and at the same time lots of bloggers just read the articles written by pro bloggers but do not follow them properly. So you need to know your own weakness, learn a lesson from them and boost our blog accordingly. There are few mistakes most of the bloggers make at the end of not earning good money online. I am writing this article because most of the time I got one common question in the Facebook mail. What is the cause I am not able to monetize my Nepali blog? I will explain the 5 reasons. Making money running a blog is not a luck but your smartness in blogging. 5 REASONS FOR NEPALI BLOGGERS


Nepali Tube For Android

Nepali Tube is an Android application for watching latest Nepali Movies, Videos, Music, Songs, Comedy, Pranks, and anything that is Nepali. Reviews from Nepali Tube Users.


RabinsXP Loves Nature and Traveling too.

rabinsxp-trekking-himalayas-nepalTrekking to the Himalayas

A visit to these remote part of the world surely changes your perspective towards nature, beauty, and life itself. Rara Lake, the biggest Lake of Nepal lies in the Mugu District of Nepal which lies within the Rara National Park is described as the Nymph by the late King Mahendra. THE RARA LAKE THAT ALLURES ANYONE

Breathtaking Views


Nepal being enriched and blessed with many majestic mountains to remarkably alluring valleys is a perfect destination for any the adventurer looking for a real wilderness experience. I am gonna share breathtaking 15 Valleys of Nepal, especially for Trekkers. 15 BEAUTIFUL VALLEYS OF NEPAL

rabinsxp-Heaven-in-EarthHeaven on Earth

Just as every river is inexorably drawn to the ocean by the force of its liquid essence, so does the essence of my heart draw me inevitably to my own true Home. Now I am far away home but still, my heart has captured her so tightly that it’s vividly visible from here when I take a look inside my heart. Then I sit on the boat of my feelings and sail whole across the memory of my dear ocean. THE RAIN THAT REMINDS ME HOME

rabinsxp-visit-nepal-2018-logoVisit Nepal 2020

RabinsXP is going to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020 on this blog on the occasion of the Nepal Tourism Year which stars from the starting from January. The slogan of ‘Visit Nepal 2020‘ is ‘Nepal is Beautiful: Visit, and Enjoy in Nepal‘. And I I mentioned earlier, the theme of RabinsXP will be promoting Nepali cultures, places, foods, festivals and all sorts of things that are related to Nepal and Nepali. RABINSXP FOR VISIT NEPAL 2018

rabinsxp-Parasailing-ExperienceParasailing Experience

I did Banana ride, Boating, Jet Skiing and Parasailing. Parasailing was not like a new thing as in Pokhara we have lots of Paragliding and Mountain flights. The main purpose I was excited about Parasailing was when I go back home and do Paraglide; how it gonna feel. The view seen when the parachute goes up in the air was amazing too. MY FIRST PARASAILING EXPERIENCE IN GOA

Want to buy a cheap web hosting service in Nepal?

We can see how web hosting service providers are increasing in Nepal. So I am here to help you select the best web host for your website or blog. If you desperately need a web hosting account at a low budget then I can help you find a right Nepali Website Hoster (WebHost). Come here with your server requirements or type of files you are planning to host. I can suggest you the best suitable for you. Else, there is a Nepal Web Hosting Reviews section this web site.

What does SEO in Nepal mean?

Search engine optimization or SEO (in Nepal) helps you boost search engine rankings and improve the visibility of your website in Nepal.

I have further divided the SEO in Nepal into the followings so that it could be easy for you to understand and learn to optimize for search engines easily.

SEO-Friendly-Website Building SEO Friendly Website

In this section, we will learn about a search engine friendly website and tips on how to build it. Before we learn this we need to learn terms like Search Engine, Meta Tags, etc. Don’t worry yet. We will get into this in this section.

WP-SEOSEO on WordPress Blogs

Wordpress is one of the popular blogging platforms in Nepal. Since many bloggers are engaged in Wordpress Blog, I have written a few techniques that can uplift your WordPress Blog’s search engine’s position to a whole new level.

Social-Media-SEO Social Media and SEO

In this section, we will learn how to make a right usage of Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc and optimize your website or blog.

Webmaster-Tools Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster Tool, Yahoo Webmaster Tools and lots of Webmaster Tools will help you boost your website’s visibility. We will learn about Alexa and others too.

Google-Analytics Google Analytics

Analytics from Google is one of the popular analytical sites among most of the website owners or bloggers. Here we will learn to make the best use of Google Analytics.

seo-nepal-png-iconSEO Services

There are various websites and companies in Nepal that provides SEO Services. But, I think for SEO you don’t need any agreement with companies unless you know something about SEO itself. Now we will learn the rest of the SEO Services in this section.

Technology Used: Hostgator, ApacheFont Awesome, Bootstrap,  AdSenseAnalyticsGoogle Font APIGzip, jQuery, PHP, Twitter EmojiWooCommerceWordPress, RabinsXP RankBook Nepal Railway Tickets, and others.

RABINSXP is RUNNING SINCE 2001 (17 years).


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