OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro Price in Nepal, Availability

OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro Price in Nepal

OnePlus unveiled a slew of new products at the Cloud 11 event. Among them is the new OnePlus Keyboard 81, marking the company’s growing step into the PC accessories market. In this article, we will take a walk through the specs, features, availability, and expected price of the OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro in Nepal.

OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro Overview:

Mechanical Design

The OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro is the company’s first mechanical keyboard. For a quick note, a mechanical keyboard has distinct spring-loaded physical switches, catering to a tactile and better typing feel in general. The brand also launched a couple of desktop monitors, recently.

OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro Mechanical Keys

OnePlus has collaborated with Keychron to bring this project to life. For starters, Keychron is a well-known keyboard manufacturer that provides a variety of mechanical keyboards, switches, and keycaps.

OnePlus is also offering its first mechanical keyboard with two switch options: a tactile “Winter Bonfire” and a linear “Summer Breeze” switch. They also have different keycaps, with the latter using a keycap made of a new material called “Marble-mallow” and the Bonfire using a “PBT” plastic keycap.

The keyboard has a 75% layout and is hot-swappable, which means you can replace the switches without desoldering them. Likewise, the height-adjusting bar on the top edge allows you to tilt the keyboard.

Furthermore, there is a small toggle on the rear that can be used to configure the keyboard to work with either a Mac or a PC. For a gaming vibe, you can also customize the RGB lighting on the keys. In terms of build quality, OnePlus has used an aluminum casing here.

Connectivity and Other Specs

The mechanical keyboard offers both wired and wireless connectivity options. There is an Alert Slider-style toggle key for switching between the two. The keyboard relies on Bluetooth 5.1 with up to 10m connectivity range.

OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro Design

It packs a 4000mAh battery which is said to last for up to 100 hours with the RGB set at the lowest brightness settings. Likewise, there is a USB Type-C port for charging and a wired connection. The charging time is 5 hours for the battery.

OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro Features:

  • Switches: Winter Bonfire, Summer Breeze
  • Keycaps:
    • Winter Bonfire: Marble-mallow
    • Summer Breeze: PBT plastic
  • Hot-swappable: Yes
  • Battery: 4000 mAh battery
  • Port: USB Type-C Port for charging and connection
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.1
  • Extras: Alert Slider, RGB light

OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro Price in Nepal and Availability

The official pricing of the Keyboard 81 Pro has not been revealed yet. It will go on sale in April 2023. We will update the article as and when the product becomes available.

KeyboardOfficial Price
OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 ProTBA

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