Life is an Adventure

Life is an adventure, a just an adventure, and this is what makes it so challenging. If we want to put in the required effort, we can journey to far-off places, explore marvelous mysteries, and experience astounding delights — not anywhere outside, though this obviously is possible too, but within our consciousness.

We need to cast off the chains that limit us by freeing ourselves of whatever binds or clouds our consciousness. Life is much more than physical existence. The greater our understanding of what lies beyond materiality, the greater will be our desire to act in ways conducive to spiritual uplift. Once hot air balloonists have tasted that delight of floating freely through the skies, they release their ballast eagerly. As each earthbound rope is untied, the moment of soaring grows nearer.

What, then, you may ask, awaits us beyond the confines of our present state of consciousness? Who has journeyed to the spiritual realms? And, from a practical point of view, what keeps us from following in their footsteps? If life runs by the law of cause and effect, do certain actions weigh down our soul just as surely as sandbags hold a balloon fast to the earth?

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