5 Leading Internet Browsers and Their Important Features – A Comprehensive Comparison

The first thing we do, when a need for information arises, is open an internet browser and start searching. There are several browsers having their own distinctive features but here we will discuss about those browsers that have established a large user base and are constantly on a move to enable a smooth web experience with insight into their major performance parameters.

  • Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has emerged as a popular internet browser for it allows a fast and reliable browsing to users. It comes with various noticeable features and add-ons to facilitate the users’ experience with the internet. Its latest version is Firefox 3.6.

  • Ease in Usage: Ability to open various sites simultaneously (Tabbed Browsing), one click bookmarking, spell check, Restore Sessions, Smooth Scrolling, Password Manager are some of the many features that make it highly easy to use.
  • Security: In terms of providing Security, Firefox scores the highest in comparison to other browsers. It is Anti Malware, Anti Phishing browser that allows Private Browsing which helps in protection of personal information. One can also customize security settings with regard to passwords,add-ons, etc.
  • Speed: Firefox enables a fast browsing experience and with its latest version, the speed is definitely going to increase.
  • Supported Configurations: Firefox is available for Windows (Vista and XP), Mac OS X and Linux.

Why Firefox? The wide range of extensions that Firefox offers attracts people to use it as their browser to have an excellent experience over the web.

  • Google Chrome

Though new in the field, but Google Chrome has pulled off really well not because it comes from Google but due to the simplicity in its usage and interesting features it presents to the users. Also Chrome is fast and secure to use.

  • Ease in Usage: Chrome is specifically designed to allow ease of use. It has much enhanced Tab features which take Tabbed Browsing to a higher level and make it organized and convenient to use. It also provides the necessary tools while keeping the interface uncomplicated.
  • Security: Chrome ensures a high level of security to its users and sends warning signals to indicate the presence of a suspected website. It assures to protect from malware, phishing schemes, viruses, etc. It makes use Sandboxing technology allowing every tab to run independently. This helps, in case a tab develops some problem, it will not affect the functioning of other tabs. Speed: Chrome is much fast to load and enables a speedy experience. Supported Configurations: Chrome is compatible with Windows Vista & XP and Mac.

Why Google Chrome? Mainly for its simplicity and high speed, Chrome appears the right choice.

  • Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, ever since it was introduced has enjoyed massive popularity and has kept itself updated with launch of new versions. It is still the widely used Browser but competition in the market has led to a decrease in its market share. However its rapport is strong with people still using IE 6 though IE 7 & 8 have long made their entries. Though Microsoft has come up with the latest IE 9 Beta which boasts of support for CSS 3 selectors and improved performance of JavaScript but here we are going to discuss IE 8 as it currently has maximum share.

  • Ease in Usage: Internet Explorer 8 allows a much better tab experience and facilitates those who open several tabs simultaneously. It is quite easy to use as one can find all the required tools without much effort.
  • Security: IE 8 comes loaded with useful Security features such as InPrivate Browsing and SmartScreen Filter. While the former helps prevent disclosure of personal browsing sessions, that is, it doesn’t save the history if the mode is activated, the latter offers protection against phishing and malware.
  • Speed: In comparison to its earlier versions, IE 8 takes less time to load web pages and therefore allows faster experience. Supported Configurations: Windows Vista, XP and 7.

Why Internet Explorer? Security features of IE 8 make it favorable.

  • Opera

Opera is a function rich web browser and an internet suite that comes with useful in-built tools, however still it occupies a small market share. Its latest version is Opera 11.

  • Ease in Usage: It is quite easy to use Opera with its extensive Tab functions and ability to customize as per the needs of the users. It offers several features to make searching a friendly experience.
  • Security: Like Firefox and Internet Explorer, Opera allows Private Browsing and thus helps in securing personal information. It also offers protection against malware, phishing, viruses and pop-ups.
  • Speed: Opera is fast speed browser but it poses compatibility issues with some websites.
  • Supported Configurations: Is compatible with Windows (XP and Vista), Linux and Mac OS X.

Why Opera? The high degree of customization that Opera offers makes it appealing as a web browser.

  • Safari

Safari is a product of Apple that gained instant recognition especially among the Mac users and contains all the necessary features offered by other browsers in addition to some new ones.

  • Ease in Usage: For Mac users, Safari offers excellent experience. It may take some time to get used to it for non Mac users but overall it is easy to use Safari as a browser. Security: Safari allows Private Browsing, protects against malware, viruses, phishing and also offers Parental Controls.
  • Speed: Safari is a fast browser which loads pages faster.
  • Supported Configurations: Windows and Mac.

Why Safari? Safari is best for Mac users.

Having seen the usefulness of various Browsers it is time to check their popularity in terms of usage by the users. You can refer the following link: www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp.

This was our effort to make you familiar with the major internet browsers, out of which you can select the one of your choice as per your requirements related to use of Internet.

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