Apple Hotline – Case ID Vs CS Code

Many times, when we have technical problems, we call Apple Hotline for support to determine if it is a hardware or software issue. If it is a software issue the Hotline will provide support. If it is a hardware failure the Hotline will ask you to bring the hardware for a warranty exchange at one of the Apple Authorised Service Centres.

Everything we make a call to Apple Hotline, a Case ID will be issued to us. A Case ID is a reference number that refer to your report with the Hotline. That is it. It’ss a reference number for your reported case.

When a user is told by the Hotline he has a hardware failure, the user happily bring down the faulty device to the service centre and expect a replacement. Sad to tell all Apple owners, calling Apple Hotline and given a Case ID do not entitle you to any free or warranty hardware replacement at any centre.

The Service Centre’s decision supersede the Hotline and the Case ID is just a reference number for your case. It only proves that you have logged a call to the hotline, not an agreement to carry out the repair. The authorised centre is bounded by the laws of Apple warranty, for which anything not of electronic failure is not covered under warranty. The only thing that can overwrite the authorised centre’s decision is a CS Code.

CS Code is Customer Service Code issue by the Customer Relations Officer. This CS Code will only be given if the Customer Relations Officer is satisfied that the issue is not under mishandling or the repair is given under good will. The CS code can then supersede Service Centre decision and even a free replacement for out-of-warranty hardware.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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