Microsoft Office Error – Fixing the Error Code 30102-11

If you get a “something went wrong” message while installing Microsoft Office, you need to check the bottom of the message to find the error code. If it shows “Error code 30102-11”, you can continue with the resolution given below.The main reason for getting the error 30102-11 is, your antivirus software or your firewall is interfering with the installation of the office program.

To resolve this issue, we have to temporarily turn off the firewall/antivirus. If you are using windows 7, follow these steps to turn off the firewall.

1. Click the start button and go to control panel.

2. Click security, then click windows firewall.

3. Click “Turn windows firewall on or off.

4. Check “Turn off windows firewall” on both private and public networks.

There is not much difference in procedure for windows 8. You won’t be able to find a start button on windows 8. You can press the windows button on your keyboard and type control panel. Click on the control panel and then click on windows firewall. Click “Turn Windows Firewall on/off” button. You will get a new window with an option to customize settings of private and public networks. Select “Turn off windows firewall” option for both private and public networks. If you are using third party antivirus, you need to disable it. You can visit their website and check the instructions to disable it.

Now you can start installing your Microsoft Office program. Follow these steps to install Office.

1. Sign into Office 365 with Office user ID.

2. On the top right of the page click on setting, and then Office 365 settings.

3. Click on software.

4. Select your language and then click install.

You can turn the firewall ON after installing Microsoft Office on your computer.

Resolving this issue won’t be an easy task for those who are not tech-savvy, so if you find any difficulty in resolving the issue, you can visit this link given below this article and chat with the technicians.

Given below are the steps to repair the Microsoft Office pack in your computer.

1. Click on start button and go to control panel.

2. Click on program and then go to programs and features.

3. Click on the Microsoft Office program you want to change and click on change button.

4. You will get an option to quick repair/online repair. You can choose either one.

5. Click on close and use Office application.

Repairing is finished. You can continue using Microsoft Office.

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