The Uses of 19216811 and Its Importance

The most famous broadband router manufacturer Linksys uses the IP as a default IP address for the routers they produce. This IP address is also used by numerous other router manufacturers. This IP is used to access the configuration options of the router and at the same time it can help us troubleshoot some networking problems like loss of connectivity, or restoring the password for your home network.

In this article, we want to help you understand better what an IP address is, how private IPs work and what are default IPs. So let’s get started.

IP Address – What Is It?

The term IP is used to represent a sequence of numbers usually used by devices like routers, personal computers, and so on, when they have to connect to a local computer network. When we take a look at the numbers of an IP we can see the following. We call these numbers octets because there are 8 different positions. Every single position can be 1-on or 0-off and there are 256 possible combinations. This applies for only on octet ant as you can see there are four of them. Some of them can’t be used as IPs and belong to the restricted addresses. For example:

• – network broadcasts

• – default network address

• – loopback address

Private IP Addresses – How Do They Work?

The IP address is a so called private IP. These IP are mainly used in local networks ( school LAN, business LAN, etc). Computers with a private IP are not able to connect to the Internet on their won. For that to be possible they have to use a NAT. The entire system can be applied in the different direction, too. A computer which is not part of the network cannot identify or connect to another computer that is in a network. All the connections must go through a NAT or Network Address translation. NAT is often used as an additional security measure which is completely justified if we taken into account the constant increase of the number of threats on the Internet today.

Default IP Address – What Is It?

Default IPs are used in private networks. The most popular is but there are others too like,, and so on. The main reason why these IP are used is to make it easier for new users to access their network router configuration utility and set it up or solve networking problems.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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