Variety of Microswitches With Unionwell

Unionwell specializes in the manufacture of different modules, precise electronic components and microswitches that are assembled with various brands at global and local levels. Our headquarters is present in the southern part of China; our workshop is located between Dongguang and Shenzhen; the size of our workshop is 22,000 square meters. Our technicians and development and research team are filled with veterans who have a huge amount of experience along with honorable achievements. We are strong with implementation of various efficient and dependable microswitch series, rotary switches, waterproof switches, push button switches and many others; our output in a year is more than 300 million units. Unionwell is the most famous and trusted among all the China microswitch manufacturers.


A microswitch is a switch that responds to all the changes in the surrounding environment by closing or opening a series of switches that are used to hold back the device.

Switch Applications

Microswitches are common devices which are mostly used in various consumer devices, industrial plants and many other places. The most common use of these devices is the door locks; these are essential in microwaves where the door has to be closed before the oven is switched on. Leveling devices such as vending machines also use microswitches. In elevators, microswitches are used as the safety switches. They are also used to check or detect whether a paper is jammed in the copier. These microswitches are very sensitive. They are used to measure the air flow or the flow of gases in any system. These switches can also be used to accurately measure temperature and pressure. These efficient switches are also used in various industries, often in the control units; these devices are also used as the direct means of switching any device on and off.

User Input

User input is considered to be the most common use for switches, e.g. if a person needs to connect any switch to a micro controller input.

Some Concepts of Switches

  • Transistors: These are mainly used as the electronically controlled switches.

  • Pull-Up Resistors: These usually complement the current button circles. They make sure that the ground and current are not fully short circuited. They also make sure that the input and output lines do not float.

  • Motion sensor accelerometers: These switches are mainly used in video game controllers and smart phones; these are faster and more efficient than normal switches.

  • Relay: This is another switch that is electronically controlled; it is best for high-performance circuits.

Types of Microswitches

  • Micro toggle switch

  • Omron

  • Micro push button switch

  • Cherry microswitch

  • Micro on-off switch

  • Micro limit switch

  • Microswitch push button

  • Sealed sub miniature

  • Sub miniature waterproof

  • Sub miniature

  • Sub. microswitch coil spring

  • Sub. waterproof coil spring

  • Miniature dustproof

  • Miniature waterproof

  • Long travel sealed mini

  • Miniature

  • Basic

  • Waterproof

  • DPDT 1NO 1NC Micro

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