Authority making roster of cyber security auditors for the current financial year

Nepal Telecommunication Authority is going to make a roster of cyber security auditors for the current financial year 2079/80. Publishing a notice on Wednesday, the authority asked interested firms to apply.

Interested national and international cyber security firms can submit applications with documents as soon as possible. Submit the application to the authority’s office or [email protected] You can also email at

In order to apply, the qualifications specified in the Cyber ​​Security Regulations 2077 must be met. The applying firm must submit a certificate of registration in the respective country, VAT/PAN registration and tax payment.

Similarly, the foreign firm should have earned 5 million USD annually in the last 3 years and the Nepali company should have earned 3 million rupees annually. In addition, the financial audit report of the last 3 years will also have to be submitted.

The firm should be registered as an ICT company for at least 3 years and have 2 years of experience working in the field of cyber security. The applying firm should have completed at least 3 projects in 2 years. There should be at least 3 experts working in the firm, who should also have certificates related to cyber security.

After studying the applicant’s documents, the authority will publish the list. Telecommunication service providers who have received permission from the Telecommunication Authority, including mobile service providers, network service providers, internet service providers from any of the auditor firms included in the said list, will have to conduct a cyber audit of their company.

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