Cosmonaut Day commemorating the first manned space flight

Cosmonaut Day, which is celebrated every year on April 12th, is also celebrated in Nepal with various programs.


This day is being celebrated to commemorate the first manned space flight on April 12, 1961 by Russian space scientist Yuri Gagarin. Today is considered as International Human Space Flight Day.

On the occasion of that day, an exhibition was held here today about the work being done in the space sector in Nepal in a program jointly organized by the Russian House of Kathmandu, Nepal Physical Society and Nepal Science Olympiad.

Sushiledev Bhattarai, the founder of ‘The Squad of Changemakers’, said that the exhibition was organized to inform about space science while discussing about the first time man stepped into space. He said, ‘In the future, we have been organizing various programs to increase the interest of our students in this matter.’

“In addition to giving information about space to 200 students in the exhibition, we have been giving information about rocket science and satellite making training and astronomy”, said Bhattarai.

Samples of space related materials including ‘Nepali Set-1’ made in 2019 and ‘Munal’ satellite made this year are on display.

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