CTEVT scholarship application form fee can be paid from the pocket

CTEVT scholarship application form fee can be paid from the pocket

Pre-Diploma, Diploma and Certificate level scholarship application forms opened by CTEVT can be paid directly from the pocket.

Students who have studied SEE / SLC / TSLC from a government or community school of the Government of Nepal will be able to fill the scholarship application form and pay the fee directly from their pocket.

The scholarship will not be applicable for those studying SEE / SLC / TSLC from private schools. There is a provision that if such applicant fills the scholarship application form, the form will be canceled automatically and the fee will not be refunded.

Applicants filling the scholarship application form will be allowed to fill in only one of the programs of any one of the programs of Diploma and Pre-Diploma level.

Applicants will be able to apply for the scholarship till September 8. Harun Rai of Khalti Merchant Acquisition said that the service was launched to reduce the hassle of staying in the office or waiting in line for hours through digital payment.

How to pay the scholarship application form fee?

First, open the pocket mobile app and go to the pocket market on the pocket home page. Then go to ‘Entrance’ and tap on ‘CitiVity’.

Now fill in all the details and click on the ‘Proceed to Pay’ button. The applicant will also be able to pay the fee from the pocket by filling up the scholarship form from the official website of CTEVT.


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