Demand for electric vehicles increased worldwide

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing worldwide and the sales of such vehicles are also increasing. According to a report released here today, one in five vehicles sold this year is expected to be an electric vehicle.


International Energy Agency (IEA) As the attraction and demand for electric vehicles in the road transport means has increased, it will have a great impact on the energy industry and by the end of the current decade, it will end the consumption of 5 million barrels of fuel per day. At present, 10 million barrels of fuel are being consumed in the world on a daily basis.

The IEA Executive Director has said that the rapid production of electric vehicles has boosted the global energy economy.

In the annual report on electric vehicles, it is expected that the sales of such vehicles will increase by 35 percent this year to one million and forty million. This is 18 percent more than the 4 percent market share of electric vehicles in 2020.

According to the report, the demand for electric vehicles is high in the markets of China, America and European countries. China occupied 60 percent of the market for such vehicles last year.

It is expected that the sale of electric vehicles will increase in the coming years as the American consumers are also attracted towards the purchase of electric vehicles by the US.

By the year 2030, European countries, America and China are projected to occupy 60 percent of the share of electric vehicles.

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