Do you have a habit of falling asleep while listening to music? Then YouTube Music’s sleep timer feature can come in handy

We all listen to the song. We listen to songs not only for fun but also to sleep peacefully. When we listen to the song, we sing while listening.


If you are also a music lover and use YouTube’s music streaming platform YouTube Music, a new feature has recently arrived, which is called Sleep Timer.

Many people have a habit of sleeping while listening to music. In such a case, the song continues to play throughout the night, or the song can be turned off when you are awake, but the song continues to play throughout the night when you are not awake.

The sleep timer feature seems to be useful for solving this problem. Because with the help of this feature, the song can be played by setting a time limit. After that time the song will stop automatically.

By using this feature, users can set a timer and sleep comfortably while listening to songs. Even if you have to listen to a song while sleeping, YouTube Music has also brought the feature of turning off the music when you reach a deep sleep.

How to use the sleep timer feature?

To use the new feature, you must have an updated version of YouTube Music. First of all, you need to open the YouTube Music app.

Here you have to tap on the overflow menu button while listening to music. Select New Sleep Timer option from the menu. Here the user can choose the time for how long to keep the timer according to their sleeping time.

Users can select timer time from 5 to 60 minutes in the new feature. According to how long it takes the user to fall asleep while listening to music, the user can choose the right time.

In this menu, pause playback option is also available to stop the music playing in the ear. When the timer ends, the playing music stops.

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