‘Foreigners going to India for software development have started coming to Nepal’

‘Foreigners going to India for software development have started coming to Nepal’

Leading IT company of the country Fvan Soft Is a company under Logic beans . Logica Beans is helping the parent company with research and development, as well as outsourcing work, software development consulting firms and various projects in the local market.
Today is the fifth year the company has completed four years. In this regard, ICT News spoke with Niren Shrestha, Marketing Manager, Logica Beans, about the company’s work and future plans:

Logica Vince has been working on software development for four years. What else are you doing?

Logica Beans is a company established four years ago under Fvan Soft. We are assisting Fvan Soft with the necessary research and development work, while Logica Vinsko has its own identity.

In other words, we are working as a software development consulting firm in the country and abroad. We mainly work in offshore development. We help them with various customized software development.

We are also supporting startups with the slogan ‘Startup for Startup’. For those who are short of funding, those who are just starting out in software development, we have been providing the necessary assistance from software development, app development, human resources at the lowest cost.

That is why it is our goal for these startups to get maximum returns on small investments.

We are currently working on eCommerce site, 3D development, data science blockchain, QA, design, website development. Apart from this, we are also working with the government, banks, NGOs and INGOs at the local level. We are currently working on various applications for health related work to an organization called ‘Health at Home’.

Your job is foreign (officer) focus. How are you working on it?

There is a separate business development team for this. Including me We are outsourcing. We are mainly working on software development by marketing abroad and contacting customers directly. They are collaborating in partnership, joint venture. We are currently working in the United States, Australia, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

Like a customer in the US right now. We are working for him in the health sector. Hospitals, insurance companies have created applications for customer service. As a result, as soon as any customer goes to the hospital, the insurance company knows what the old ‘history’ is, what the medicine is taking and also the pharmacy.

How much do foreign customers like to work in Nepal? How is Uta’s reaction?

Many prefer to work in Nepal from abroad. There are two or three reasons for this. First of all, if the same quality of work is done in Nepal, it will be doubled.

When we work abroad for up to a hundred dollars an hour, only a fraction of it is spent. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s inferior. We are providing international quality work.

We have also provided a free demo on our website to find out about us before we start working. This will allow them to understand our company before starting work.

It’s been four years since you came here. What has been the experience so far?

It has fluctuated in four years. We have been in the Corona epidemic for two years now. We are still working from home. A lot of good work has been done during this period.

During this period a lot of work was done in the field of technology. We also got a lot of demand. Corona increased door-to-door service during the transition period, which led to the creation of such applications. Corona infection or lockdown did not interfere with our work.

You are entering your fifth year. What are the new plans for the new year?

The plan is how to move the company forward well. We have already made plans for the next five years. Under which we have made a plan to move the company forward and make it profitable.
We are hiring new staff. There are plans to increase sources of income and work on foreign and local projects.

What is the situation of Nepal in this area? Like the market here, the company, the skilled manpower.

In the current context, market expansion is good. New companies are being added and there are also companies that have been working for 20 years. Fvan Soft has also reached 17 years.

Demand is high in areas like development, applications, websites. There is a lot of competition both locally and abroad. Foreign and domestic companies are competing. Earlier, foreigners had to go to India for work. Now they are gradually coming to Nepal.

You’re helping startups. What kind of startup are you supporting?

Some startups have started with a good plan. However, due to lack of funding, it may not be possible to move forward. We look for such startups and help them with their needs.

We support based on what they are trying to do. As they need to create an app, they may need a website. We prepare the proposal and start working with them on the basis of the proposal. We are working at a very low cost.

We have been prioritizing this work for two years. So far, we have collaborated with about 20 companies in this way, while 15 others are in the ongoing project.

How many employees does the company have now? How are you doing

We now have about 30 core employees. It is increasing. Besides, if we get any demand, if we need other employees, we can also get help from other companies of Fvan Soft.

There are many young people who want to come to this area. What are the job opportunities for fresh students studying IT, development or application?

We are creating such an opportunity in the cornerstone of work. We have categorized two or three areas. Such as ‘Wiginer, Intermediate and Expert’.

Under this, even if you have just passed out, you can work here even after taking training. We create opportunities for people with three to five years of experience to work at the intermediate level, while those with more than five years of experience are given the opportunity to work at the senior level.

How much work are you doing outside in a year?

Our work is growing every year. If you look at the round figure done abroad last year, we have done work worth 500,000 dollars. We have a lot in it this year. Work has intensified on the current corona infection. A lot of work has increased in the AI ​​sector.


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