Free internet service in 20,000 basic schools now

The government will provide free internet to about 20,000 basic schools across the country. Earlier, under the Broadband Network Expansion Project, the program was implemented to provide internet only in community secondary schools across the country, but now internet will be provided in basic schools.

Chairman of the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal, Purushottam Khanal, informed that free internet would be provided to the basic schools using the funds under the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund.

“Through the authority, funds are made available to the local level for internet connection,” he said.

NEA is investing more than five billion rupees for the expansion of broadband network with the aim of providing high speed internet to public bodies across the country. NEA estimates that an additional investment of around Rs 1 billion will be required after the addition of 20,000 schools.

The program will benefit primary and lower secondary schools across the country through the local level. Similarly, the government is planning to expand the broadband network with optical fiber in eight different districts of Bagmati region which were severely affected by the earthquake. Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung informed that the program started on Tuesday.

According to him, every public body in Kavre, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Sindhuli, Okhaldhunga and Ramechhap will have internet connection under this program. Earlier, the internet was provided to those districts through VISAT technology after the earthquake.

Minister Gurung said that internet will now be provided through optical fiber in coordination with local bodies and such internet will be available for free for two years. The internet will have to be provided to the 76 local bodies of these districts within three months of the agreement. The internet to be delivered in this way will be a minimum of 20 Mbps. GorkhapatraFrom


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