Gapu has brought a holiday offer, up to 20 percent discount when buying goods

Gapu has brought a holiday offer, up to 20 percent discount when buying goods

Considering the upcoming festival, e-commerce company Gapu has brought a holiday offer. Customers can get discounts and cashback offers from Gapu by purchasing various items through Gapu on the occasion of the great festival of Hindu women.

Customers will get 15 percent discount up to Rs 500 when purchasing goods from Himalaya Bank. This discount will be applicable from 22nd September to 24th September.

Similarly, they will get 10 percent discount up to Rs 500 when paying money from Machhapuchhre Bank. This exemption will be applicable from 20th September to 26th September.

Similarly, customers will get 20 percent cashback up to Rs 300 if they buy goods from Sunrise Bank. The exemption will be effective till September 10, said Surjani KC, head of operations at Gapu.

200 voucher for payment through phone pay, 200 voucher for payment through NIC Asia card and 200 voucher for payment through e-service. It is also said that 10 people will get a top up of Rs 200 when they pay through their pockets.

Customers living abroad will also be able to order gifts to give a surprise to their relatives in Nepal through Gapu and Gapu will deliver.

For those who like to eat sweets, cakes of various flavors, smart watches for fathers who take great care of their health and electric fire gaps for fathers who like to make various dishes are on the list of special gifts for fathers.

Other gifts include leather wallets, grooming kits, headphones, books of various genres, and liquors of various brands. The above discounts will be available if any of these gifts are purchased from Gapu’s payment partner banks.


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