How to download songs on computer or other device?

Now we are all at home because of the epidemic. At this time the use of computer has become more and more.
It is also fun to listen to songs while working on the computer.

How many of us listen to songs online? Sometimes the net can cause problems.

For that, songs can be downloaded offline and kept. What can be done for that? We are informing about it.

There are two options for listening to a song.
1. Download music directly to your device
2. Stream songs using the cloud service

How to download songs?

After downloading the song, you can listen to it offline. It is very easy to listen to the song even if it consumes space of the device. Even when you go somewhere, you can listen to songs in places where there is no internet connection. There are some great apps to download.

Songs can be downloaded to your device for free from apps like MP3 Jam and Frostwire. For this you have to download the app and search for your favorite song. After doing so, the download option comes up and the song can be listened offline.

What to do to download songs offline without downloading the app?

You can also download offline songs from some websites without having to download them yourself. To do this, go to YouTube and search for your favorite song. Then go to the share button of the video and copy the link clipboard. After that go to Chrome and type YouTube to MP3 and show some websites there.

To put a link on a website, you have to paste it in place and click on the Convert option. Then comes the download option, which when clicked, the song you want comes to your file manager or music player.

How to stream music?

You get unlimited access to streaming songs. Popular apps that stream songs include Pandora and Spotify. An internet connection is required to access songs in these apps.

Songs can be heard from apps like Spotify and iTunes for iPhone, while apps like JetAdio, PowerAmp can be used for Android.


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