How to make a police report online (video)

How to make a police report online (video)

Did you know Police reports can be made online. Nepal Police has recently developed a system for online police reporting.

As soon as the police started this service, the problem of going to the office to prepare a police report has come to an end. This service is available in both Nepali and English languages.

Documents required to make a police report

फोटो User photo
प्रमाणपत्र Minor certificate if the applicant is below 16 years
Citizenship if the applicant is above 16 years of age
विवाह Marriage certificate if the applicant wants to register the application with the spouse
भए Address verification (relocation) documents if the applicant has recently relocated
पोर्ट Passport for foreign sponsorship
प्र Departure documents if the applicant is abroad
फोन Applicant’s phone number and email

How to make a police report online

Click here first. Then choose a language from Nepali and English that you find easier.

Once selected, click Register. After clicking there fill in your details as required. Fill in your details and check the email after clicking on the register.

Then go to the website where the police report can be made again and login with your email and the password in the email.

After logging in, create a new password by entering your current password in the email. Password must be at least 8 characters long.

Login again after creating a new password. After logging in, keep your details and documents. After filling in all the details, keep the captcha and submit.

After this, your application goes to the concerned body and you can see the process of your police report by going to the website and logging in.

Also watch the video


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