ICT is needed for the development of information technology

ICT is needed for the development of information technology

Nepal’s history in the development of information technology was first initiated by the private sector rather than the public sector. CAN Federation has been working on the development of ICT for over 30 years.

At that time, there was no ministry or department from the Government of Nepal for the development of ICT. Since then, CAN has been representing the private sector.

Living with ICT is also an institutional member of the CAN Federation. CAN Federation’s own programs yesterday We are now moving forward with such programs through our members.

Unless there is development of information technology in this country. Until then, there will be no economic prosperity. Whether we talk about tourism, whether we talk about education, whether we talk about health.

But if we can’t develop all those areas as ICT tools, you can’t have the prosperity we want. Therefore, now this country needs ICT’s Kulman like Nepal Electricity Authority’s Kulman.

As the Ministry of ICT had to be chosen in Nepal. It falls under the Ministry left here. That is why we are looking for the development of information technology. That has not happened. Here is the Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

We are ready to fully support the development of ICT from the private sector here. So once you have that ministry, become the head of ICT. This is the request of our private sector.

Living with ICT An organization has been able to do such a good program, if the government wants and mobilizes all sectors, we can develop a lot in the field of ICT.

Unless we change our thinking, we cannot change what we see. We ourselves, whether from politics, from employees, from the private sector. If we can change a little bit, we can really take Nepal far above the field of information technology.


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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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