If driving license of citizen app is not recognized by traffic, why use the app?


About 1 month ago, he went to the transport office to renew the bill book. In that order, there was no problem in renewing the bill book of the current year. But while renewing the bill book online, there was a problem with the fee paid.


I had already renewed the bill book by paying money 2 years ago from Iseva. It also has a voucher. Even if you pay online, you have to go to the office to write and sign. If you have to go to the office after paying money online, why pay online?

Electricity Authority bills can also be paid only during office hours. If I want to pay the bill at 12 o’clock in the night, should I not pay? Why do I need information technology if I can’t pay my bills when I want? Don’t want

How can the traffic police know whether the license is genuine or fake? Sitting on the road, the traffic cannot check whether the driving license is genuine or fake. A system that can be checked sitting on the road is needed. What about that system?

Driving license has been placed in the citizen app. But the traffic police does not recognize the license of the citizen app. Then why should citizens use the Citizen App? The Department of Transport Management had to cooperate with the traffic police. Provision should be made to treat the license in the citizen app as a digital proof.

Showing the driving license in the citizen app should create a familiar environment. We are at such a stage of digital transformation. Therefore, there is a need for extensive digital transformation in public services.

For the provision of technology-friendly services, some percentage of the budget should be given to the public bodies by law. Apart from this, arrangements should be made to be transparent.

In today’s era, technology has become necessary to effectively deliver public services. Fast, easy and effective service cannot be provided without the use of information technology.

(Edited part of the views expressed by Dr. Subba, former DIG of Nepal Police, COO of Nepal’s leading information technology company InfoDevelopers Pvt. Ltd. and cyber security expert in an interactive program organized by Nepal Economic Journalists Association (Nafiz) in the capital last Monday.)


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