Implementation of digital distribution system for sales and distribution of chemical fertilizers

‘E-Bidding’ system has been implemented to make the sale and distribution of chemical fertilizers fast and transparent. Fertilizer sales and distribution depots across the country have been accused of selling happy fertilizers, giving them only to their relatives, and hiding fertilizers.

Agricultural Materials Company Limited believes that after the implementation of this system, they will be freed from all those charges. Complaints are received that some depots deceive farmers by saying that there is no fertilizer.

Now the system has been built in such a way that you can see how much fertilizer is in which place, how much has been sold, how much has been taken by which cooperative.

Rajendra Bahadur Karki, head of Agricultural Materials Company Limited, said that a digital distribution system has been implemented for the sale and distribution of chemical fertilizers. He said that after the implementation of this system, farmers will be freed from the problem of being cheated while purchasing fertilizers and irregularities and leakages in fertilizers will also be stopped.

He informed that it has been implemented in the provincial offices and warehouses and depots of the agricultural material company in all the seven provinces.

He informed that this system has been built in such a way that details such as which cooperative has taken how much fertilizer from the company, how much fertilizer has gone to which local level or municipality, how much is left can be viewed simultaneously from anywhere.

Stating that the data of every place will be updated through software, Chief Karki informed that the control and monitoring center will do it. No matter how much fertilizer is sold from the depot, it has to be updated daily through the system. Gorkhapatra

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