Insistence of stakeholders on domain system administration in local language

Universal Acceptance (UA) Day, which is celebrated on March 28 every year, is also celebrated in Nepal. A special program was held in Kathmandu on Tuesday in coordination with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAN) under the joint project of Computer Association of Nepal Federation (CAN Federation) and Youth IGF Nepal.


The program was supported by Internet Exchange Nepal, while the internet partner was Worldlink Communications Limited.

With the aim of providing domain support in many languages ​​and scripts, Universal Acceptance Day is celebrated all over the world.

Policy makers, government officials, internet service providers, law practitioners, civil society, internet governance in the event titled Celebrating Universal Acceptance Day: Promoting Universal Acceptance Day and Internationalized Domain Name in Nepal , there was also the presence of institutional, objective, individual and state-district members of CAN Federation and other active people in the ICT field.

The speakers who spoke on the occasion said that this day played an important role in ensuring that all valid domain names and email addresses can be used by all types of internet applications, devices and systems.

Ranjit Podar, president of the CAN Federation, said that such a day is important as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAN) has given permission to send emails in various foreign languages ​​including Devanagari and upload websites.

In the program, the stakeholders gave their opinion on the importance of subdomains, what are the benefits of hosting a website with it, how it can promote local language and culture, what is being practiced abroad and how it can be used in Nepal.

On that occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of the Electronic Governance Commission, Dipesh Bista, discussed that there is no proper cooperation between the relevant agencies in Nepal and expressed the opinion that it is necessary to make appropriate policy arrangements in this regard. He emphasized that the domain system should be arranged to support the local language of rural communities including Devanagari.

Youth IGF Nepal member Vivek Silwal presented a paper on ‘Universal Acceptance of Domain Name and Email Address’ in the program. Similarly, a panel discussion was held on two different topics.

Participating in the first discussion were Hempal Shrestha of FOSS Nepal Community, member and co-founder of CAN Mahasagh, associate professor of Kathmandu University. Balkrishna Bal, Vice President Subisu Cablenet Lika Ramakrishna Periyar, CEO Internet Exchange Nepal Rupesh Shrestha, President Apiralo Policy Forum Sreedeep Rayamazhi and other expert speakers from various fields participated.

On that occasion, the speakers opined that a clear plan is needed to spread awareness of Universal Acceptance, manage and regulate subdomains in Nepal.

Similarly, the speakers participating in the next panel discussion, Advocate Baburam Aryal, Deputy Secretary of the Government of Nepal, Subas Dhakal, Suraj Adhikari, former manager of dot NP CCTLD, President of Nepal Internet Foundation, Vikram Shrestha, and researcher Kriti Bhuju, stressed that efforts should be made to remove language barriers by making Dawn NP domain a global standard.

Similarly, the speakers participating in the next panel discussion were Anand Gautam, Vice Chair of Youth IGF Nepal, Phyo Thiri Lwin of iCAN NextGen, Namr Nasir Awan, ICAN Fellow, Ashirwad Tripathi, Vice Chair of APRGF, and Udip Baral, Manager of CAN Federation, who spoke about the role of youth in promoting universal acceptance and the role of youth in the field of ICAN and Internet governance. He expressed his opinion about the opportunity.

Likewise, the general secretary of the CAN Federation, Chiranjeevi Adhikari, said that such a day was celebrated to increase awareness among the stakeholders and the public, saying that it is exemplary to accept the inter-domain system in a country with different linguistic communities like Nepal.

General Secretary of CAN Federation Chiranjeevi Adhikari concluded the program by thanking the organizations and individuals who directly and indirectly helped to make Universal Acceptance (UA) Day a success.

Also, the speakers suggested that this day should be celebrated regularly in the coming year as well and to spread awareness among the general public.

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